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Pre-Impression Training

The Weyrling training staff realizes that all Candidates come to Dawnsisters with a wide range of skills and various levels of maturity (and Candidates who have skills are expected to assist those who do not). The Pre-Impression program is designed to redress deficiencies in all Candidates, and prepare them for Hatching Day and a possible life as a Dawnsisters dragonrider. Candidates receive instruction in the following:
  • What to expect on the Hatching Grounds;  This includes discussions and numerous visits.
  • The care and feeding of young dragonets;
  • Weyr life and etiquette, primarily concerning;
  • Weyr rank structure;
  • Literacy training when and if required.
The primary thrust behind Pre-Impression is to get the Candidates used to Weyrlife and to the concept of the Hatching. The calmer a Candidate is on Hatching Day, the better his chances of surviving unharmed. Those who do not Impress are examined by the Weyrhealers for injury, and are then returned home or to the Candidate Barracks if they wish to stand for the next Hatching.

Those who Impress, be aware of the following! A newly Impressed Weyrling has little or no time free from the demands a dragonet and the training regimen will impose.

Weyrling Introduction

Congratulations on your Impression!
You are now part of the rather infamous weyrling classes of Dawnsisters Weyr.  For the next year and some change, you will be involved in weyrling training, which gives you as a writer a few responsibilities:
There will be between two and three Class Threads per month that your weyrling will be required to participate in.  These will be clearly labeled so you will know which threads are mandatory. In addition to Class threads, there will be ten assignments through the course of the training.  These assignments must be completed in a timely manner (at the very latest before gradution) and if any are left incomplete, your weyrling will be transferred at graduation.This is not said to scare you, but to prepare you for how things will be run. Each month, an updated list of where each class is in the training will be posted in the Weyrling Forum, so pay close attention to that. Class threads will be started by the Weyrlingmaster, but other activities may be referred to in social threads, which is why the schedule is provided.
Supplies Provided Upon Impression
After your dragonet's first meal and you get settled in theBarracks, you will notice that your personal belongings havebeen moved for you from the Candidate Barracks.  Also, amongyour things you will find the following:
1. Small jar of numbweed, to be refilled as needed
2. Paddle and brushes for oiling
3. Bucket and brushes for bathing
4. Trunk for belongings
5. Bed linens (can be provided by the weyrling if they prefer)
6. Toiletries (can be provided by the weyrling if they prefer)
7. 1 set Riding Leathers
8. 1 pair Riding Boots
9. Helmet & Goggles
Now that Impression has been made, there are rules that must be followed:
1. Weyrlings will not fight amongst themselves.  If there is a disagreement, it will be settled by the Weyrlingmaster or Weyrlingmaster second and their word is law.
2. No weyrling shall engage in any sexual activity until graduation.  This is for the safety of the dragonets and for the concentration of the riders.
3. No weyrling shall leave the weyr until they can fly with their partner.  Exceptions will be made under dire circumstances.
4. Having Impressed, weyrlings belong to the Weyrlingmaster.  His is the final authority, even above the Weyrleader.
5. If any problems incur between weyrlings and their weyrlingmaster, they should approach the second.  If that is not possible, disagreements should be taken to the Weyrleader.
The Weyrling Barracks
The Barracks are on ground/beach level (along with theInfirmary, Dining Hall, Kitchens, Candidate Barracks, mostof the Lower Caverns and the Weyrling Classroom).  You do NOT have to go 'up' or  'down' stairs or elevators to get to those locations from the barracks.

There have been some misunderstandings. NO Weyrling, no matter what color your dragon or your rank before Impressing, shall have a private Weyr until your dragon canfly. That will happen at the end of your dragon's first year at earliest, so get used to communal living!

All Weyrlings will live in the Weyrling Barracks and will be there EVERY night. You will NOT spend a night away from yourdragon, if the Weyrlingmaster discovers that one of you has been missing from the Barracks you will be restricted from all Gathers until your dragon CAN fly!
It is on the lower levels opening to the beach itself. It is a very large smooth walled chamber with three dozen or sosmall dragoncouches set along the sides. There is a cot anda chest by each dragoncouch. There is one large bathing areafor girls, another for boys. There is no privacy here, nocurtains or anything, picture US Army Boot Camp. No doors or locks, nothing. Largest dragons are placed nearest to the entrance, smallest toward the inside. This way when they get large the biggerones are not knocking into everything on their way out! Oneslight change, once your dragons fly, they move into theSenior Barracks, two Weyrlings to a weyr, directly above the Weyrling cavern. When you graduate, THEN you receive anindividual weyr. (Credit for idea goes to Ondelle)
Senior Weyrling Weyrs
Once the dragonets can fly, the weyrlings are moved into the senior weyrling weyrs, which have ledges accessible from the air.  The weyrlings are divided into pairs, so each has a roommate, and usually this is done according to the sex of the rider and the color of the dragon.
Weyrling Dragon Bathing Pool
There IS a weyrling bathing pool in the barracks. It's for the youngest of the dragonets, who aren't quite strong enough to deal with undertow in the cove. Once the dragonets are about a half turn old, they don't fit anymore.
Communal Bathrooms
You've all seen locker rooms, so you've seen the showers. The showers would look primarily like that. There would also be a large tub, similar to what is found in public baths in Europe and the Middle East, or in some spas and hotsprings in the US. The tub would probably fit around 20 girls at a time, if necessary, and would be fed by constantly recirculating water. Sinks would be along one wall with a few mirrors to make sure everyone looks just fine. The floor is tiled, with drains set in the showers. There would be shelves along one wall to house personal belongings while one was busy with ablutions. There are separate facilities for males and females.

Daily Schedule
When the Offworlders designed Dawnsisters Weyr, theWeyrleaders asked that some sort of alarm be available tolet Weyrlings know the time. The Offworlders set up acomputer that triggers an alarm bell above the Barracks (seebelow) to ring out eight times a day. Weyrlings have classesfor approximately six hours a day; two hours a day are spentdoing chores around the Weyr.

Weyrling Daily Schedule
  • First bell (5th hour): Rise and shine! Weyrlings are rousedout of their beds; dress, care for and oil dragons, fork outwallows (necessary for younger dragons).
  • Second bell (6th hour): Weyrlings bathe, catch breakfast inthe Dining Hall; return to care and oil dragons.
  • Third bell (7th to 12th hour): Weyrling Training (with somebreaks; chore duties may be scheduled during this time period)
  • Fourth bell (12th to 13th hour): Lunch in the Dining Hall
  • Fifth bell (13th to 18th hour): Weyrling Training (with somebreaks; chore duties may be scheduled during this time period)
  • Sixth bell (18th to 20th hour): Dinner in the Dining Hall;care for and oil dragon
  • Seventh bell (20th to 22nd hour): Study, relax; eveningreviews may be offered by Weyrling Master Assistants; punishment chores may be assigned to be done during this time.
  • Eighth bell (22nd hour): Lights out
Note: This schedule was adapted with permission from Kadanzer Weyr by Dawnsisters Weyrling Master
The Weyrling Wing gets four restdays during a 28-day period(usually days 07, 14, 21, and 28, unless postponed byThreadfall) to use as the weyrlings wish. Weyrlings in deep trouble will be required to spend this day doing punishment chores. Older weyrlings whose dragons have learned to fly may not leave the Weyr without prior approval of the Weyrling Master.
Weyrlings spend 9 months as a Jr Weyrling; 9 months as a Senior Weyrling. During Threadfall the Baby and Junior Weyrlings stay at the weyr and assist the healers. Senior Weyrlings fly firestone sacks, and in emergencies, some might fill in empty wingpositions.
Content in process of being written....
Weyrling Training Goals
  • To acquaint the individual Weyrling with the demands and rewards of the Impression bond with a dragon;
  • To accustom the Weyrling to working as part of a team with other dragonriders as assignments demand;
  • To prepare the Weyrling for Threadfighting upon assignment to a regular Wing.

Weyrling Training Program

1-4 | 5-8 | 9-12 | 13-16 | 17-20 | 21-24 | 25-32
33-40 | 41-48 | 49-56 | 57-64 | 65-70 | 70-72+
Weyrling training at Dawnsisters Weyr is on an eighteen-month, 72-sevenday program, as listed below. Please contact the Weyrling Master if you have any questions or concerns. Please note that all training is subject to constant review, practice, and testing once learned. This schedule is primarily a guide as to what is introduced when.

Weyrlings are placed in the Healer Wing after Hatching and then graduate to the Senior Weyrling Wing. Upon completion of Weyrling Training; Dragons and their Riders will be assigned to an appropriate Wing.

The schedule is rigorous, harsh, and demanding because it has to be. Dawnsisters is in the middle of a Pass and it needs fighting dragonriders as quickly as they can be provided. There is no time to coddle the reluctant and the slow here. Weyrlings are expected to learn and move on. Those who cannot do so will be assigned to the class following; those who fail to improve then may well be assigned to support duty at the direction of the Weyrleader. Also, note that the schedule after Sevenday 49 is subject to alteration and compression according to the needs of the Weyr. No one wants to throw a fresh Weyrling into a high-level Wing, but if the demands of Fall demand it, it will be done.

Sevendays 1-4
  • Feeding new dragonets -- what and what not to feed, and when and how much to feed
  • Methods of training dragonets to follow a human schedule
  • Dragon first aid -- hide care and oiling, and the consequences and treatment of overfeeding
  • The dragon-rider bond -- strengthening it, and how to deal with dragon-induced emotions
  • Making the first set of Weyrling rank cords.
Training Program

Sevendays 5-8

  • Dragon nutrition and health care beyond the basics learned in the first few sevendays
  • History of Dawnsisters Weyr and of dragonkind
  • Introduction to Dawnsisters Wing structure and Wing duties.
  • Geography of Pern, North and South

Sevendays 9-12

  • Ground drills. These are a series of intricate maneuvers by individual weyrlings and by groups designed to instill self-discipline and endurance.
  • Geography of Pern, North and South. Weyrlings tested on this during this phase.
  • Ground drills continue with an emphasis on the group formation.
  • Weyrlings begin to be liable for work details where needed, depending on training requirements.
Training Program

Sevendays 13-16

  • Firestone familiarization begins. Weyrlings learn about the grades of ore, and the theory behind a dragon's flame -- how to produce and sustain it.
  • Weyrlings are encouraged to think about transferring the drills to the air.
  • Preflight training begins, covering but not limited to the following: preparation and maintenance of riding straps, other ancillary equipment, and hand and arm signals for use while in flight.

Sevendays 17-20

  • Weyrlings begin familiarization flights, administered by the Weyrling training staff and other full dragonriders. This allows weyrlings to become accustomed to the sensations of flight.
  • Basic weather prediction. Air currents and weather conditions that can affect flight.
  • Dragon first aid, concerning muscle development and strain.
  • Flight training begins. Weyrlings begin flying at the discretion of the Weyrling Master, starting with short glides and shorter flights in the Weyr itself.
Training Program

Sevendays 21-24

  • Introduction to Threadfall charts -- how to read, & calculate probable Falls.
  • Weyrlings go on longer and longer flights in and around the immediate vicinity of Dawnsisters Weyr. These flights are designed to slowly build a dragon's stamina and endurance, and the weyrlings are carefully monitored to prevent overflying and the resultant injuries.
  • Internal ferry duty for Weyr residents when needed.
  • Advanced training on Threadfall charts -- how to prepare from raw data.

Sevendays 25–32

  • Introduction to formation flying.
  • Introduction to chewing firestone.
  • Introduction to concepts of Threadfighting.
  • Weyrlings with leadership potential are identified and selected for additional training and responsibilities.

Sevendays 33–40

  • About the 35th sevenday of training, weyrlings move out of the barracks into Senior Weyrling weyrs.
  • Ground drill concepts transferred to aerial medium.
  • Firestone exercises continue.
  • Advanced Threadfighting concepts -- patterns of Fall and how a Wing can best cope with them.
  • Weyrlings drilled in visualization exercises.
  • Terrain recognition drills.
Training Program

Sevendays 41-48

  • Weyrlings start an intense series of aerial drills.
  • Introduction to Threadfighting -- selection and use of firestone, along with methods of producing and sustaining flame that were discussed earlier are reviewed, and Threadfighting tactics on the individual, Wing, and Flight level are discussed. Firestone re-supply discussed.
  • Rope Drills begin, with a small number of weyrlings.
  • Introduction to between: its benefits and dangers.
  • Weyrlings accompany Weyrling trainers and senior riders on several jumps between.
  • Weyrlings make first solo flight between. Losses are sometimes heavy at this stage.

Sevendays 49–56

  • Formation flying between, at first in small groups, working up to the inclusion of the entire training group.
  • Terrain recognition drills combined with jumps between to check accuracy and build Weyrling confidence in their abilities.
  • Threadfighting tactics discussed more in-depth, and the Rope Drills are adjusted to suit.
  • Rope Drills continue, with increasingly larger groups of weyrlings. Aerial firestone replenishment training begins.
Training Program

Sevendays 57-64

  • Introduction to combat training in unarmed techniques.
  • The Drills are now very heavy and intense, and are liable to be called without warning.
  • Combat training continues with introduction to armed combat techniques.
  • Threadfighting training continues, culminating in a Rope Drill being flown by the entire Weyrling Wing.
  • Greenriders given gender-specific training -- signs of a green's readiness for a mating flight, how to handle a green during a flight, how to deal with a proddy dragon, and a rider's probable reaction to it.

Sevendays 65–70

  • Introduction to Threadfall -- the weyrlings fly to Fall on firestttone replenishment duty. This is usually in a staging area, where the Weyrleader maintains his tactical reserves, but all weyrlings are required to fly ready to fight in case of a sudden shift of the Fall's pattern.
  • Rope Drills continue.
  • Introduction to the Wing as an organized tactical Threadfall formation. This Wing, when not engaged in firestone replenishment duty, is used for sweeps on the Trailing Edge of Threadfall and for post-Fall covering  flights. As before, all weyrlings assigned to this duty are required to fly in a fighting-ready posture, since this duty slot places them even closer to falling and fallen Thread.
  • Senior Weyrling Wing used to fly back cover at the Trailing Edge of Threadfall. Note that this places them in direct contact with Thread. Injuries are common.
  • Sr. Weyrling Wing introduced to the full rigors of Threadfall as an auxiliary to Buenos Aires and Bahrain Wings. This is the time when the Senior Weyrling Wing will take its heaviest casualties as an organized formation. Their job here is to fly low cover -- below and behind -- but overeager weyrlings often forget to stay there. Injuries and deaths are common.
Training Program

Sevendays 70–72+

  • Preparation for graduation and Wing assignment. Weyrlings are tested on the totality of their training, and are held back at the discretion of the Weyrling Master to remain in Senior Weyrling Wing instead of advancing with the rest of the class should he feel it necessary. Once graduated, weyrlings are eligible to be tapped by Wingleaders. Untapped weyrlings will be assigned as necessary by the Weyrleader. Note that it is possible for a Weyrling to request a specific Wing. If a Weyrling wishes to be assigned to a specific Wing, he or she should contact that Wing's wingleader and the Weyrleader at least two months before graduation to obtain the appropriate permissions and clearances. It is that weyrling's responsibility to make sure that the Weyrling Master has been notified of the selection.
  • Weyrlings that are not ready, for whatever reason, after the end of the 72nd sevenday of training will be held back for remedial training.
Training Program

Goldrider Training

All goldriders are required to complete the standard Weyrling training program, with the following changes and additions. This additional training is usually given by an active Weyrwoman on an as-needed/as-available basis.

Please note that all Weyrling goldriders are required to participate in and complete this additional training.
  • Weyr record keeping, including reading and writing if not even already known. This covers the care and maintenance of Records (skin and paper), and requires mastery of the Weyr's filing system. All Records -- personnel, historical, clutch charts, tithing records, and supply/inventory Records for both the Lower Caverns and the Infirmary are covered in the course of this training.
  • Special care required by golds, including but not limited to controlling a gold during mating flights, the care of an egg-heavy queen, and what to do during clutching and Hatching.
  • Preparation and use of flame-throwers (usually done near the 35th sevenday of training when chewing firestone training begins).
  • Domestic management, covering personnel assignments, childcare, education, diplomacy (especially in relation to the Weyr's Holders), arbitration, the welfare of the Weyr's dragons and riders, and maintenance of the Weyr's physical condition.
  • Timing: what it is, how it can happen, why it is so dangerous when improperly controlled; and how to help a queen inhibit it in other dragons when required.
A goldrider does not officially obtain the rank of "Junior Weyrwoman" until her dragon has risen and completed her first mating flight. Until that time, her designation is simply "goldrider".

Note: Written by Anna Smith and Danielle Van Tuyl;
from reference materials from Northlight and StarRise Weyrs.
Updated  and customized for DSW by Dawnsisters Weyrling Master.

Bronzerider Training
Bronzerider weyrlings don't have as many extra duties as goldriders do, but there are some.
  • As classes go on, the bronzeriders will be the ones assigning the weyrlings to partners, to see how well they know their wingmates. This is important for learning leadership skills.
  • Bronzerider weyrlings will also lead a weyrling class on a topic of their choice, leading the discussion and providing an assignment for their peers.
  • While possibly not fair, they will be held to a higher standard than the other weyrlings, since they will be leading wings and weyrs someday.

***All Weyrlings please update your persona sheets (located in the forum at this time... if it's not there, put it there!) for any variations in your dragon's colorings.  When your dragon reaches full growth please add basic info such as length, wingspan, abilities to your dragon's description on your sheet also.


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