Wingleader:  H'tar (31) Rider of Bronze Kusheth (15) 
(Played By: Lindsay)
 (0) Rider of   (0) 
(Played By: )

Rider Rider Age Dragon Dragon Age Color Status Played By
W'est 27 Valorth 13 Blue PC Fay
Carly 31 Horeth 17 Green PNPC Fay
Esmaya 34 Cerseith 11 Green PC Lindsay
Adyn 28 Shalibrith 12 Green PC Teri

Requirements & Expectations
  • Wingleader H'tar takes Thread very seriously, including all aspects of preparing for Threadfall. He expects his Wingriders to take their duty as seriously. During Wing Drills, Threadfall, and Sweeps, or studying charts and maps, the Wingleader stresses focus and concentration.
  • Though he knows injuries are unavoidable, H'tar strongly emphasizes avoiding them and avoiding unnecessary risks which may lead to injury. He expects each dragonpair, and rider especially, to watch out for the Wing.
  • All grounded dragonpairs are considered grounded until the Wingleader is presented with a signed noted from a Healer indicating the pair's readiness to return to the Wing.
    Wing Traditions

  • All newly transferred or graduated Bronze and Brown dragonpairs are surprised on their first Wing Drill to discover that they will be acting as Wingleader.
  • Pairs newly assigned to the Wing are also treated to an evening at The Lodge.
  • As often as possible the Wing frequents The Lodge as a group; they have a reputation to uphold not only at the gaming tables and The Fubar, but also with the Lodge Lovely Ladies (or Men as the case may be....)
  • Twice a month, Solstice Wing escapes the rigors of Weyr life to enjoy the company of its Wingriders. Once the Wingleader cooks for his Wing and once the Wingriders bring their own dishes and their families or significant others.


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