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There are 134 Characters Residing At The Weyr

Name Type Status Played By
A'lac Weyrling PC Fay
A'len Dragonrider NPC NPC Adoptable
Aderyn Dragonrider PC Fay
Adyn Dragonrider PC Teri
Aelyk Weyrfolk PNPC Fay-Lindsay
Amaryk Weyrfolk PNPC Fay-Lindsay
Amaya Weyrfolk PNPC Fay-Lindsay
Ar'yk Dragonrider PC Fay
Aryes Weyrfolk PNPC Fay-Lindsay
B'alfor Dragonrider PC Fay
B'elor Dragonrider NPC-Unadoptable BoD
Balor Weyrfolk PNPC Barb-Fay
BlueBoy-10n Weyrling NPC NPC Adoptable
BlueBoy-11n Weyrling NPC NPC Adoptable
BlueBoy-1v None NPC NPC Adoptable
BlueBoy-2v None NPC NPC Adoptable
BlueBoy-3v Jr. Weyrling NPC NPC Adoptable
BlueBoy-4v Jr. Weyrling NPC NPC Adoptable
BlueBoy-5v Jr. Weyrling NPC NPC Adoptable
BlueBoy-6n NPC NPC Adoptable
BlueBoy-7n NPC NPC Adoptable
BlueBoy-8n NPC NPC Adoptable
BlueBoy-9n Weyrling NPC NPC Adoptable
BlueGirl-1n None NPC-Unadoptable NPC UnAdoptable
Brial Weyrfolk PNPC Barb-Fay
BronzeBoy-1 None NPC-Unadoptable NPC UnAdoptable
BronzeBoy-3 None NPC-Unadoptable NPC UnAdoptable
BronzeBoy-4 None NPC-Unadoptable NPC UnAdoptable
BrownBoy-1 Jr. Weyrling NPC NPC Adoptable
BrownBoy-1n Weyrling NPC NPC Adoptable
BrownBoy-2 Jr. Weyrling NPC NPC Adoptable
BrownBoy-3n Weyrling NPC NPC Adoptable
C'ser Dragonrider NPC NPC Adoptable
Carly Dragonrider PNPC Fay
Chloe Dragonrider PC Fay
D'go Dragonrider PC Teri
D'lor Weyrling PNPC-Adoptable BoD
D'mid Dragonrider NPC NPC Adoptable
D'rion Dragonrider NPC NPC Adoptable
D'ryl Weyrling PNPC-Adoptable BoD
D'than Weyrling PC Teri
D'virin Weyrling PNPC BoD
Danzyl Weyrling PC Lindsay
Delynna Weyrfolk PNPC Lindsay-Stephanie
Diedre Dragonrider NPC NPC Adoptable
E'pim Dragonrider NPC NPC Adoptable
Esmarek Weyrfolk PNPC Fay-Lindsay
Esmaya Dragonrider PC Lindsay
Esred Weyrfolk PNPC Lindsay-Stephanie
G'laic Dragonrider NPC NPC Adoptable
G'min Dragonrider NPC NPC Adoptable
Garyn None PNPC Barb-Stephanie
Granya Angelica Aurelio Weyrfolk PNPC Barb-Fay
GreenBoy-1 Jr. Weyrling NPC NPC Adoptable
GreenBoy-1n Weyrling PNPC-Adoptable NPC Adoptable
GreenBoy-2 Jr. Weyrling NPC NPC Adoptable
GreenBoy-2n Weyrling PNPC-Adoptable NPC Adoptable
GreenBoy-3 Jr. Weyrling NPC NPC Adoptable
GreenBoy-3n Weyrling PNPC-Adoptable NPC Adoptable
GreenBoy-4 Jr. Weyrling NPC NPC Adoptable
GreenBoy-4n Weyrling PNPC-Adoptable NPC Adoptable
GreenBoy-5 Jr. Weyrling NPC NPC Adoptable
GreenBoy-5n Weyrling PNPC-Adoptable NPC Adoptable
GreenBoy-6 Jr. Weyrling NPC NPC Adoptable
GreenBoy-6n Weyrling PNPC-Adoptable NPC Adoptable
GreenBoy-7 Jr. Weyrling NPC NPC Adoptable
GreenBoy-7n Weyrling PNPC-Adoptable NPC Adoptable
GreenBoy-8n Weyrling PNPC-Adoptable NPC Adoptable
GreenBoy-9n Weyrling PNPC-Adoptable NPC Adoptable
GreenGirl-1 Jr. Weyrling NPC NPC Adoptable
GreenGirl-1n Weyrling PNPC-UnAdoptable NPC Adoptable
GreenGirl-2 Jr. Weyrling NPC NPC Adoptable
GreenGirl-2n Weyrling PNPC-UnAdoptable NPC Adoptable
GreenGirl-3 Jr. Weyrling NPC NPC Adoptable
GreenGirl-3n Weyrling PNPC-UnAdoptable NPC Adoptable
GreenGirl-4 Jr. Weyrling NPC NPC Adoptable
GreenGirl-4n Weyrling PNPC-Adoptable NPC Adoptable
GreenGirl-5 Jr. Weyrling NPC NPC Adoptable
GreenGirl-6 Jr. Weyrling NPC NPC Adoptable
GreenGirl-7 Jr. Weyrling NPC NPC Adoptable
GreenGirl-7n Weyrling PNPC-Adoptable NPC Adoptable
GreenGirl-8 Jr. Weyrling NPC NPC Adoptable
GreenGirl-8n Weyrling PNPC-Adoptable NPC Adoptable
H'byn Dragonrider NPC NPC Adoptable
H'tar Dragonrider PC Lindsay
Hayden Dragonrider PC Fay
Ilyaria Dragonrider PC Fay
J'ton Weyrling Master Second PC Teri
Jean Luc Dragonrider NPC NPC Adoptable
K'ral Dragonrider NPC NPC Adoptable
Kandyse Crafter PC Fay
Kesrel Weyrfolk PNPC Fay-Lindsay
Keyfer Weyrfolk PNPC Barb-Fay
Keylia Dragonrider PC Fay
Kira Weyrfolk PC Teri
Kirsta Dragonrider PC Teri
Kyres Weyrfolk PNPC Fay-Lindsay
L'din Dragonrider PC Teri
L'uk Dragonrider PC Fay
Lymar Weyrfolk PNPC Lindsay-Stephanie
Lynae Weyrling PC Teri
Lynze Dragonrider PC Lindsay
Mafon Crafter PC Fay
Malita Weyrfolk PNPC Fay-Stephanie
Malone Weyrfolk PC Teri
Malryk Weyrfolk PNPC Fay-Lindsay
Marco Weyrfolk PNPC Fay
Mey Dragonrider PC Teri
Miguel Enrique Carlos Arturo Aurelio Offworlder-Civilian PC Fay
Miguel Enrique Carlos Arturo Aurelio III Weyrfolk PNPC Barb-Fay
Mym Dragonrider PC Teri
N'ar Dragonrider NPC NPC Adoptable
N'kias Dragonrider NPC NPC UnAdoptable
Neoma Dragonrider PC Fay
Nissa None PNPC Fay-Stephanie
P'en Dragonrider NPC NPC Adoptable
R'hed Dragonrider NPC-Unadoptable BoD
Raelyk Weyrfolk PNPC Fay-Lindsay
Rodi Weyrling PC Teri
Rosario Anna Cesara Aurelio Offworlder-Civilian PC Fay
Rykon Weyrfolk PNPC Fay-Lindsay
S'lea Dragonrider PC Teri
Severa Dragonrider PC Fay
T'ris Dragonrider NPC NPC Adoptable
T'syn Dragonrider NPC NPC Adoptable
Tessa Weyrfolk PC Lindsay
U'lan Dragonrider NPC-Unadoptable BoD
Una Rose Federica Aurelio None PNPC Barb-Fay
Valeria Dragonrider PC Fay
Valli Weyrling PC Fay
Vivianne Weyrfolk PNPC Barb-Lindsay
W'est Dragonrider PC Fay
X'ran Dragonrider NPC NPC Adoptable
Y'min Dragonrider PC Teri

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