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Rider Rider Age Dragon Dragon Age Color Status Played By
U'lan 59 Rureleth 42 Brown NPC-Unadoptable BoD
Valeria 25 Walcreagth 7 Blue PC Fay
Mey 18 Ciamath 5 Blue PC Teri
Diedre 33 Ailith 16 Green NPC NPC Adoptable
Mym 26 Hekateth 12 Green PC Teri

Requirements & Expectations
  • The Wingleader will meet with each member of his wing within the first few days, if not the day of assignment to the wing. He will assess the rider for their commitment, attitude and understanding of their role in a wing. At this time he will ask for the rider's goals as a member of the wing. This is also when he opens up the two-way door of communication, inviting the rider to express not only their own personal expectations but what they want to see from their wingleader.
  • Wingleader K'ahl believes in an open door policy, emphasizing with the wingriders their obligation to do their part to keep communication open. He is willing to listen and is tolerant of people's differences. He does, however, expect the wingriders to be loyal to and respectful of their wingmates as much as they are the wingleader and wingsecond. His tolerance for differences does not extend to a wingrider's disregard for the rules; repeated tardiness is cause for acting quickly if that disregard has the potential to affect the performance and safety of the wing. Generally laid back with a sense of humor, as long as his rules are followed, he is easy to get along with.
  • Wingdrills can be scheduled or called at the last moment. In either case punctuality is expected an reprimand, starting with a verbal warning. Though the wingrider's appearance, riding gear and dragon's condition are checked at most drills, surprise inspections may occur which involve a more detailed assessment of the wingrider's presentation.
  • Meridian Wing expects to have wingriders who can demonstrate a strong sense of commitment, loyalty and good character in addition to an understanding of their duty to Pern, the Weyr and their Wing.
Wing Traditions

  • At this time Meridian does not have any traditions in place.


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