The Stables

Ahhh! The sweet aroma of leather, hay, horse sweat and manure! Breathe Deeply!
Runner Enclave

floor plan

The Stables are a 'state-of-the-art' climate-controlled facility:

  • The Foaling Stalls are equipped with cameras with direct live feed to office.
  • The Foaling Stalls have an enclosed walkway behind them with individual one-way observation 'windows', also a small entry door for an attendant to slip into the stall.
  • The ladder to the loft above the main level is located in the Feed Room
  • Each stall has a chute in one corner from the loft above for distributing hay.
  • The 'open/crossties' area on each end are where the Blacksmith/Farrier trims and shoes.
  • There are bulletin boards located on the wall outside the office as well as on the wall outside the classroom/conference room. This is where duty assignments and general notices are located.
  • Each stall has a sliding door as well as a turnstile type appartus for feeding.
  • Each Runner/Equine has on it's stall door it's name, owner and any particular needs or advisements, training instructions posted.
  • Additional crossties are located in each aisleway.

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