Dawnsisters Weyr:  where strange technology would make all our lives easier if we could just find the "On" switch...

In the years after the Red Star's orbit was shifted, Dawnsisters Weyr was created as the brainchild of Offworlders and the best minds on Pern. (If you still don't know the whole story, go check out our Timeline and History section!) This means we have features and amenities never before seen in a Weyr. Some are useful, or even luxurious, like spas, living suites and intercom systems. Some are at odds with Pernese Weyr traditions, such as individual dining areas in each Weyr's living quarters and full suites for every rider, no matter the rank.

The Weyr is located in a horseshoe shaped cove (named Yokohama Cove) on the Southern Continent west of Ierne Island. It has 290 cliff weyrs. The cove is protected from heavy seas by an offshore reef and the narrow opening of the cove itself.

The Weyr is located in what was called on Earth a Mediterranean Climate. The winters are mildly cold and very wet while the summers are dry and temperate.

Current Weather Conditions:
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Repairs are still being done after the recent asteroid strikes and subsequent out of phase Threadfall, earthquakes, storms and flooding. Recovery has been slow, but the tenacious (or should we say sharding stubborn?) folks at Dawnsisters aren't about to let a little thing like asteroids ruin what they've fought so hard to save.

Take a few minutes to explore the Weyr and get to know its inhabitants. We hope you'll want to stay!

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