Wingleader:  Ar'yk (41) Rider of Bronze Charyth (26) 
(Played By: Fay)
 (0) Rider of   (0) 
(Played By: )

Rider Rider Age Dragon Dragon Age Color Status Played By
R'hed 58 Burashoth 36 Brown NPC-Unadoptable BoD
B'alfor 43 Haventh 26 Brown PC Fay
S'lea 38 Dusath 18 Blue PC Teri
Ilyaria 34 Rialth 17 Blue PC Fay
T'syn 37 Varenth 19 Blue NPC NPC Adoptable
N'ar 35 Pirenanth 18 Blue NPC NPC Adoptable
Lynze 42 Morabeth 26 Green PC Lindsay
Neoma 42 Ezilith 15 Green PC Fay

Requirements & Expectations
  • The Wingleader meets with each new Wingrider on an individual basis to assess the goals, strengths and weaknesses of said new rider, while getting a feel for the character of the new addition. In return, he insists on knowing what is expected of him as the rider's new Wingleader.
  • Wingleader Ar'yk is steady and fair and keeps an open ear to the concerns and needs of his dragon pairs. He expects steadfast riders, respectful and loyal wingmates and tolerates no discension in the ranks. He is also comfortable with humor and supports a laid-back atmoshpere so long as it is not abused or detrimental to the health and safety of his Wing.
  • Most days involve wingdrills and wingriders are expected to be on time and presentable. Snap inspections are common, in which each rider is inspected for condition of their attire, health of their dragon and riding gear; and all are given the opportunity to present any questions or concerns they may have at this time.
  • What does it take to be tapped for Equinox Wing? A willingness to perform, a strength of character, and the judgement that said rider will be an assest to the personalities already installed in the Wing.

Wing Traditions
  • Considered more of a hazing ritual, new Wingriders are delegated to sessions of babysitting the Wingleader's brood of small children. It is believed that this experience builds patience and character, as well as laughs for their fellows and bouts of relief for the Wingleader's weyrmate.
  • Started by Greenrider Lynze of Morabeth, it has become tradition to wear a red 'dragonband' about one's thigh, situated just a short distance above the knee. It's signifigance means less than the comraderie and unity the act brings to the Wing.



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