Current Candidate Master: Kirsta, rider of Green Elenath
Turns of Candidate Wrangling Experience: 6 (that means don't mess with her!)


The Candidate Master realizes that all Candidates come to Dawnsisters with a wide range of skills and various levels of maturity. Candidates who have skills are expected to assist those who do not. The Pre-Impression program is designed to redress deficiencies in all Candidates, and prepare them for Hatching Day and a possible life as a Dawnsisters dragonrider.

Candidates receive instruction in the following:

  • What to expect on the Hatching Grounds. This includes discussions and numerous visits;
  • The care and feeding of young dragonets;
  • Weyr life and etiquette, primarily concerning;
  • Weyr rank structure;
  • Literacy training when and if required.

The primary thrust behind Pre-Impression is to get the Candidates used to Weyrlife and to the concept of the Hatching.

The calmer a Candidate is on Hatching Day, the better his chances of surviving unharmed. Those who do not Impress are examined by the Weyrhealers for injury, and are then returned home or to the Candidate Barracks if they wish to stand for the next Hatching.

Those who Impress, be aware of the following! A newly Impressed Weyrling has little or no time free from the demands a dragonet and the training regimen it will impose. (See Weyrling handbook for more information.)

(The above has been adapted from the Weyrling guide written by Sheryl.)


Discussions with:

  • Goldrider (weyr admin)
  • Wingleader (discipline)
  • Greenrider (mating flights)
  • Headwoman (chore assignments, Weyr tour)
  • Weyrhealer
  • Dragonhealer
  • Other Craftmasters

Visits and Fieldtrips

  • Weyr tour
  • Research and presentations on Weyr history
  • Dawnsisters Hold
  • Alpha Hold
  • One or more Weyrholds
  • Greenhouse


  • Dodgeball
  • Capture the Badge
  • Fire Lizard Egg Hunt


  • Latrines
  • Stables
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry
  • Those with previous crafting skill may usually continue in their craft


Day 1: Morning Class, afternoon and evening chores
Day 2: Morning Chores, afternoon class
Day 3: Morning Class, afternoon and evening chores
Day 4: Morning Chores, afternoon and evening class
Day 5: Morning Class, afternoon games, evening chores
Day 6: Candidate Rest Day (different from regular rest day)
Day 7: No class, two shifts of chores (morning, midday, evening)


  1. Immediately upon arriving at the Weyr, please check in with the Candidate Master or, if he is not available, the Headwoman. They will arrange for your accommodations and get you registered as a resident at the Weyr. The Candidate Master will also provide you with class schedules and a list of rules and expectations for candidates.
  1. Your suitability to impress is determined by the dragon who Searched you. Your suitability to STAND, however, is determined solely by the Candidate Master (who is happy to take advice from the gold and her rider responsible for a given clutch). You'd do well to keep the Candidate Master happy.

  2. You are welcome and encouraged to interact with other inhabitants of the Weyr. The more you know about Weyrlife, the better. Please be respectful of others and realize that they have their own duties as well. Be aware that any complaints to the Candidate Master about general conduct will be heeded.
  1. The privilege of standing will be revoked for any candidate who is ill, injured, pregnant, or in any way physically unfit to withstand the potential rigors and dangers of the hatching itself or weyrlinghood after. Candidates will not stand if they are insane, unconscious, or in any way judged to be mentally unfit to be a companion to a dragon. The Candidate Master makes the final decision on a candidate's suitability to stand.
  1. Please direct any questions to the Candidate Master directly. 

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