TX, United States of America

Writes for 8 Living Characters

Persona Name Age Today Gender Type Rank Location Status
Consuelo Victoria Therese Lopez Aurelio 97 Female Offworlder-Civilian FSP Alpha Hold/Base PNPC
Danzyl 22 Female Weyrling Weyrling Dawnsisters Weyr PC
Esmaya 34 Female Dragonrider Greenrider Dawnsisters Weyr PC
H'tar 31 Male Dragonrider Weyrleader Dawnsisters Weyr PC
Lynze 42 Female Dragonrider Greenrider Dawnsisters Weyr PC
Rafe Brady 46 Male Offworlder-Civilian Holder Omega Hold Proper PC
Tessa 23 Female Weyrfolk Staff Dawnsisters Weyr PC
Viveka 37 Female Dragonrider Weyrwoman Telgar Weyr PC


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