There Are 10 Approved Personas at Dawnsisters Hold
Persona Name Gender Status Type Rank Location Member Name
Umorghe Male PC Crafter Master Dawnsisters Hold Barb
Olssae Female PNPC Holderfolk Holder Dawnsisters Hold Fay
Arian Female PC Holderfolk Lady Holder Dawnsisters Hold Fay
Alorin Male PNPC Crafter Master Dawnsisters Hold Fay
Dari Male PNPC Holderfolk Holdbrat Dawnsisters Hold Fay-Stephanie
Narnia Female PNPC Holderfolk Holdbrat Dawnsisters Hold Fay-Stephanie
Magda Female NPC Holder Headwoman Dawnsisters Hold NPC Adoptable
Shandel Female NPC Crafter Master Dawnsisters Hold NPC Adoptable
Nijina Female PC Candidate Candidate Dawnsisters Hold SJ
Markus Male PC Holder Holder Dawnsisters Hold Teri


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