There Are 43 Active Characters with Blonde Hair

Persona Name
Written By
A'lac PC Fay
Aderyn PC Fay
Arian PC Fay
Blake McMillan PNPC Fay
BrownBoy-1n NPC NPC Adoptable
C'gan NPC NPC Adoptable
Caleran NPC NPC Adoptable
Callime NPC NPC Adoptable
Chloe PC Fay
D'go PC Teri
D'than PC Teri
Delynna PNPC Lindsay-Stephanie
Diedre NPC NPC Adoptable
Eblini PNPC Fay
Esmaya PC Lindsay
Garlan PNPC-Adoptable Fay
Gaylen NPC NPC Adoptable
GreenBoy-1n PNPC-Adoptable NPC Adoptable
GreenBoy-2n PNPC-Adoptable NPC Adoptable
GreenBoy-5n PNPC-Adoptable NPC Adoptable
GreenGirl-1n PNPC-UnAdoptable NPC Adoptable
GreenGirl-2n PNPC-UnAdoptable NPC Adoptable
GreenGirl-3n PNPC-UnAdoptable NPC Adoptable
GreenGirl-7n PNPC-Adoptable NPC Adoptable
GreenGirl-8n PNPC-Adoptable NPC Adoptable
H'byn NPC NPC Adoptable
Hayden PC Fay
Illiwe NPC NPC Adoptable
Jason McMillan NPC NPC Adoptable
K'ral NPC NPC Adoptable
Kelly McMillan NPC NPC Adoptable
Keyfer PNPC Barb-Fay
Liadora PNPC Fay-Stephanie
N'dir NPC NPC Adoptable
Narnia PNPC Fay-Stephanie
P'en NPC NPC Adoptable
S'lea PC Teri
Shandel NPC NPC Adoptable
Theodore (Theo) McMillan NPC NPC Adoptable
Valeria PC Fay
Viella PNPC-Adoptable Fay
Viveka PC Lindsay
X'ran NPC NPC Adoptable


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