There 138 Dragons

Dragon Name Color Rider Name Rider
Wing/Rank Played By
Arvakth Blue A'lac PC Weyrling/ Fay
Keruth Brown A'len NPC Null/Wingrider NPC Adoptable
Nicorth Brown A'ren PC Meridian/Wingrider SJ
Primath Green Aderyn PC Neap Tide/Wingrider Fay
Shalibrith Green Adyn PC Solstice/Wingrider Teri
Herath Gold Aline PC /Grnd Injured Margit
Renth Blue Ar'as PC Neap Tide/Wingrider Barb
Charyth Bronze Ar'yk PC Equinox/Wingleader Fay
Irath Brown Arkady PC Meridian/Wingrider Stephanie
Haventh Brown B'alfor PC Equinox/Wingrider Fay
Kiteth Brown B'elor NPC-Unadoptable / BoD
Diseth Blue B'ly PC Solstice/Wingrider Barb
Mareth Brown B'ron PC Equinox/Wingrider Nikki
BlueB-10n Blue BlueBoy-10n NPC Weyrling/None NPC Adoptable
BlueB-11n Blue BlueBoy-11n NPC Weyrling/None NPC Adoptable
BlueB-1v Blue BlueBoy-1v NPC Weyrling/Firestone NPC Adoptable
BlueB-2v Blue BlueBoy-2v NPC Weyrling/Firestone NPC Adoptable
BlueB-3v Blue BlueBoy-3v NPC Weyrling/Firestone NPC Adoptable
BlueB-4v Blue BlueBoy-4v NPC Weyrling/Firestone NPC Adoptable
BlueB-5v Blue BlueBoy-5v NPC Weyrling/Firestone NPC Adoptable
BlueB-6n Blue BlueBoy-6n NPC Weyrling/None NPC Adoptable
BlueB-7n Blue BlueBoy-7n NPC Weyrling/None NPC Adoptable
BlueB-8n Blue BlueBoy-8n NPC Weyrling/None NPC Adoptable
BlueB-9n Blue BlueBoy-9n NPC Weyrling/None NPC Adoptable
BlueG-1n Blue BlueGirl-1n NPC-Unadoptable Weyrling/None NPC UnAdoptable
Ambyth Blue Brill PC Solstice/Wingrider Claire
BronzeB-1 Bronze BronzeBoy-1 NPC-Unadoptable Weyrling/Firestone NPC UnAdoptable
BronzeB-3 Bronze BronzeBoy-3 NPC-Unadoptable Weyrling/Firestone NPC UnAdoptable
BronzeB-4 Bronze BronzeBoy-4 NPC-Unadoptable Weyrling/Firestone NPC UnAdoptable
BrownB-1 Brown BrownBoy-1 NPC Weyrling/Firestone NPC Adoptable
BrownB-1n Brown BrownBoy-1n NPC Weyrling/None NPC Adoptable
BrownB-2 Brown BrownBoy-2 NPC Weyrling/Firestone NPC Adoptable
BrownB-3n Brown BrownBoy-3n NPC Weyrling/None NPC Adoptable
Jaluth Green C'ser NPC /Wingrider NPC Adoptable
Horeth Green Carly PNPC Solstice/Wingrider Fay
Delilath Green Chloe PC /Grnd Injured Fay
Areth Bronze D'can PC Solstice/Wingsecond Claire
Thutmoth Brown D'go PC Weyrling/None Teri
Yelath Blue D'len PC Neap Tide/Wingrider Claire
Caligath Brown D'lor PNPC-Adoptable Weyrling/None BoD
Llanth Blue D'mar PC Solstice/Wingrider Stephanie
Cassiath Brown D'mid NPC /Wingrider NPC Adoptable
Vorseth Blue D'rion NPC Nadir/Wingrider NPC Adoptable
Tamerlanth Brown D'ryl PNPC-Adoptable Weyrling/None BoD
Aegirth Blue D'than PC Weyrling/ Teri
Atillith Bronze D'virin PNPC Weyrling/None BoD
Infernith Gold Danta PC Neap Tide/Wingsecond Stephanie
Gengith Brown Danzyl PC Weyrling/None Lindsay
Ailith Green Diedre NPC Meridian/Wingrider NPC Adoptable
Cerseith Green Esmaya PC Solstice/Wingrider Lindsay
Elasth Blue F'dor PC Solstice/Wingrider Stephanie
Clasoth Blue F'inn PC Nadir/Wingrider Nikki
Korinth Bronze F'lin PC Equinox/Wingsecond Barb
Vestrith Green G'et PC Weyrling/ Stephanie
Doylith Blue G'laic NPC /Wingrider NPC Adoptable
Khordath Brown G'min NPC /Replacement NPC Adoptable
Gyraneth Bronze G'red PC Weyrling/Wingleader Stephanie
GreenB-1 Green GreenBoy-1 NPC Weyrling/Firestone NPC Adoptable
GreenB-1n Green GreenBoy-1n PNPC-Adoptable Weyrling/None NPC Adoptable
GreenB-2 Green GreenBoy-2 NPC Weyrling/Firestone NPC Adoptable
GreenB-2n Green GreenBoy-2n PNPC-Adoptable Weyrling/None NPC Adoptable
GreenB-3 Green GreenBoy-3 NPC Weyrling/Firestone NPC Adoptable
GreenB-3n Green GreenBoy-3n PNPC-Adoptable Weyrling/None NPC Adoptable
GreenB-4 Green GreenBoy-4 NPC Weyrling/Firestone NPC Adoptable
GreenB-4n Green GreenBoy-4n PNPC-Adoptable Weyrling/None NPC Adoptable
GreenB-5 Green GreenBoy-5 NPC Weyrling/Firestone NPC Adoptable
GreenB-5n Green GreenBoy-5n PNPC-Adoptable Weyrling/None NPC Adoptable
GreenB-7 Green GreenBoy-6 NPC Weyrling/Firestone NPC Adoptable
GreenB-6n Green GreenBoy-6n PNPC-Adoptable Weyrling/None NPC Adoptable
GreenB-6 Green GreenBoy-7 NPC Weyrling/Firestone NPC Adoptable
GreenB-7n Green GreenBoy-7n PNPC-Adoptable Weyrling/None NPC Adoptable
GreenG-1 Green GreenGirl-1 NPC Weyrling/Firestone NPC Adoptable
GreenG-1n Green GreenGirl-1n PNPC-UnAdoptable Weyrling/None NPC Adoptable
GreenG-2 Green GreenGirl-2 NPC Weyrling/Firestone NPC Adoptable
GreenG-2n Green GreenGirl-2n PNPC-UnAdoptable Weyrling/None NPC Adoptable
GreenG-3 Green GreenGirl-3 NPC Weyrling/Firestone NPC Adoptable
GreenG-3n Green GreenGirl-3n PNPC-UnAdoptable Weyrling/None NPC Adoptable
GreenG-4 Green GreenGirl-4 NPC Weyrling/Firestone NPC Adoptable
GreenG-4n Green GreenGirl-4n PNPC-Adoptable Weyrling/None NPC Adoptable
GreenG-5 Green GreenGirl-5 NPC Weyrling/Firestone NPC Adoptable
GreenG-6 Green GreenGirl-6 NPC Weyrling/Firestone NPC Adoptable
GreenG-7 Green GreenGirl-7 NPC Weyrling/Firestone NPC Adoptable
GreenG-7n Green GreenGirl-7n PNPC-Adoptable Weyrling/None NPC Adoptable
GreenG-8 Green GreenGirl-8 NPC Weyrling/Firestone NPC Adoptable
GreenG-8n Green GreenGirl-8n PNPC-Adoptable Weyrling/None NPC Adoptable
Focalorth Brown H'an PC Solstice/Wingthird Barb
Doulith Green H'byn NPC /Wingrider NPC Adoptable
Kusheth Bronze H'tar PC Solstice/Wingleader Lindsay
Kessith Green Halyx PC Nadir/Wingrider Margit
Jezebeth Gold Hayden PC Neap Tide/Wingleader Fay
Rialth Blue Ilyaria PC Equinox/Wingrider Fay
Chaveth Brown J'ton PC Weyrling/Wingsecond Teri
Maxeth Brown Jean Luc NPC /Wingrider NPC Adoptable
Wrayth Green Jynna PC Weyrling/None Margit
Alzoranth Bronze K'ahl PC Meridian/Wingleader Barb
Esrith Blue K'ral NPC /Wingrider NPC Adoptable
Asterieth Green Keylia PC Nadir/Wingrider Fay
Elenath Green Kirsta PC Neap Tide/Wingrider Teri
Garmath Blue Kornel PC Weyrling/ Margit
Apoloth Bronze L'din PC Neap Tide/Wingrider Teri
Surth Brown L'ren PC Weyrling/ Barb
Dionoth Brown L'uk PC Neap Tide/Wingrider Fay
Freyath Gold Lynae PC Weyrling/None Teri
Morabeth Green Lynze PC Equinox/Wingrider Lindsay
Aldrath Blue M'kesh PC Weyrling/None Nikki
Lokieth Blue Marali PC Weyrling/ Nikki
Taminath Green Marill PC Neap Tide/Wingrider Claire
Ciamath Blue Mey PC Meridian/Wingrider Teri
Capricath Gold Mordyn PC Weyrling/None Barb
Hekateth Green Mym PC Meridian/Wingrider Teri
Pirenanth Blue N'ar NPC Equinox/Wingrider NPC Adoptable
Beruth Blue N'kias NPC /Wingrider NPC UnAdoptable
Atenath Brown N'val PC Nadir/Wingsecond Stephanie
Ezilith Green Neoma PC Equinox/Wingrider Fay
Aloroth Brown P'en NPC /Replacement NPC Adoptable
Kronoth Blue P'lar PC Nadir/Wingrider Claire
Denebeth Green P'rynn PNPC Weyrling/None Laura
Telenath Bronze P'tran PC Weyrling/None Laura
Burashoth Brown R'hed NPC-Unadoptable Equinox/Wingrider BoD
Brekath Green Rodi PC Weyrling/None Teri
Vidarth Brown S'dor PC Weyrling/ Claire
Dusath Blue S'lea PC Equinox/Wingrider Teri
Orvath Blue Sanya Nejem PC Weyrling/Firestone Margit
Tephalith Green Severa PC Nadir/Wingrider Fay
Carinath Bronze St'phen PC Weyrling/None Nikki
Orenth Brown T'ris NPC /Wingrider NPC Adoptable
Nervath Green T'ruk PNPC Weyrling/None Laura
Varenth Blue T'syn NPC Equinox/Wingrider NPC Adoptable
Malebranth Bronze T'vor PC Meridian/Wingsecond Moon
Rureleth Brown U'lan NPC-Unadoptable Meridian/Wingrider BoD
Walcreagth Blue Valeria PC Meridian/Wingrider Fay
Skadith Green Valli PC Weyrling/ Fay
Valorth Blue W'est PC Solstice/Wingrider Fay
Eriath Blue X'ran NPC /Replacement NPC Adoptable
Dageth Brown Y'dar PC Meridian/Wingthird Claire
Rorth Bronze Y'min PC Nadir/Wingleader Teri
Zeuth Bronze Y'shin PC Nadir/Wingthird Nikki
Tahynath Green Zusa PC Nadir/Wingrider Moon


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