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NAME Neoma
AGE TODAY 42 turn(s), 7 month(s), 16 day(s)
DATE OF BIRTH (2514 SL) 6.6.1
RANK Greenrider
CHILDREN Stillborn baby girl named Sky.
HEIGHT 5' 9"


This dark bronze skinned, African American beauty is Bahamian with French ancestry and was gifted with clear, creamy skin, a high metabolism and a pliant body that she has felt the need to hone to perfection. As it is her temple, she has also indulged in body decorations, sporting the following trappings:

A razorwire tattoo encircling her left bicep.
Sun tattoo around pierced navel.
Nose pierced, eyebrow pierced, tongue pierced.
Rows of piercings up to the cartilage in both ears.
Butterfly tattooed across the small of her back.

This bad girl has a 23" waist, slender hips, firm build, wavy dark brown hair with lighter highlights, falling just barely across her shoulders, and has a birthmark slightly below and to the side of her left eye, over a high cheekbone.
PERSONALITY DESCRIPTION A true Wild Child if ever there was one, Neoma; known as Alex by her friends, never conforms. The first to answer a challenge, she is daring and unconcerned with proper etiquette. Brash and impetuous, she likes to party hard and play harder. An athlete, Neoma is a Master of the Brazilian martial art of Capoeria.

She is also quite fond of body piercing and tattoos...

And most recently... A tongue piercing!
HOBBIES Cliffdiving, extreme sports, dancing and most especially Capoeira.
PLACE OF BIRTH Offworld - Nassau, Paradise Island, Bahamas
MOTHER’S NAME Alita Baillon
FATHER’S NAME Dominic Lacour
SHORT HISTORY Neoma Alexandrine Baillon was named for the new moon she was born under, 27 years ago on Nassau in the Bahama Islands, to parents of French ancestry. Her mother had a fondness for Greek names and Mythology, one that she passed on to her only child. Conceived out of wedlock, Neoma's parents had a tumultuous relationship that ended in heartbreak. For him.

Alita Baillon took an assignment as a contracted Biogeneticist aboard the starship where her daughter had been stationed fresh from the Academy. Having a reputation as something of a child genius, the Bahamian was eager to make a new rep for herself and succeeded with mixed results.

Flight Lt. Neoma "Babydoll" Baillon was given her Tactical Callsign on her very first day aboard. A cocky pilot had circled her once, whistled and called out "Hey, baby doll, come ride in my Outfit." For which he was promptly laid out flat on the flight deck. From then on, she was known as Babydoll.

Neoma's career as a fighter pilot was short-lived. She was a hotshot stick-jockey and her recklessness eventually got her grounded and discharged for reckless endangerment.

There was no help for it, she had to learn something else and found her second calling to be IT, Research & Applied Physics, and Planetary Sciences. But the thrill of space was gone, lost with her wings, and the invitation to settle planetside became too hard to resist.

And so she answered the last call to Pern 5 years previously with her mother who decided to pick up a position at Alpha Hold where she could work alongside Richard Heis. Neoma took a position with the Tech Department and in true Baillon fashion, dove in with guts and gusto until she became far too qualified for the job she was doing. With no other positions available, she looked elsewhere and found a far more challenging team to work for. The one servicing the infamous Dawnsister's Weyr.

She was in the same squadron as Isabelle Aurelio and the two had a hot and heavy affair. In fact, Neoma has had a hot and heavy affair with many a smitten sod, not to mention her preferred one night hot and heavies. She has made a few attachments however, and has felt regret over their loss. Currently, she fancies a man she used to know, but struggles with the imposed celibacy rules.

Update: Neoma and Ezilith have Graduated! As of 34.12.21, they are a part of Meridian Wing, Perihelion Flight.
NAME: Mars
TYPE Bronze Firelizard
DESCRIPTION: An overall red in coloring.
AGE TODAY 11 turn(s), 9 month(s), 21 day(s)
DATE OF BIRTH (2545 SL) 37.3.27
NAME: Ezilith
COLOR: Green
SIZE: Small
PHYSICAL & PERSONALITY: Ezilith is a mossy green; dark and mottled much like the color of an ancient tree-stump found deep in the forest. Her hide darkens from nose to tail, deepening in color from sunlit to shadow. Her belly lightens considerably, changing from moss green to the green of lichen.

Dragon Size: Small, tiny in fact.
Length: 20'
Wingspan: 33.1'
Height at top of Shoulder: 10.2'

Dragon Personality: Ezilith is impulsive and inquisitive, and is more likely to leap before she looks; however these traits are balanced out by her sweet and tender nature. She has one thing on her mind; to move. Her need for speed may prove dangerous combined with her impulsivity; it will be up to Neoma, her rider, to rein her in.

(Terribly sweet hatchling pic by Teri!)
ABILITIES: Speed. Reaching incredible speeds for short bursts.
SIRE: Baloth
DAM: Beliath (D)
HATCHING DATE (2541 SL) 33.7.14
AGE TODAY 15 turn(s), 6 month(s), 3 day(s)
STATUS: Living
WING RANK: Wingrider
NEXT RISING DATES: Flight 1: 49.3.11
Flight 2: 49.6.18
Flight 3: 49.9.25
Flight 4: 50.0.3

  FULL NAME: Neoma Alexandrine Baillon Neoma is a practioner of Obeah - a Bahamian version of voodoo. This "folk religion" that brings together bush medicine and witchcraft, was passed on to her from her mother, and is a system of beliefs governing interactions between the living and the spirit world. It's a less sinister cousin of Haitian voodoo and Cuban santerķa.

As such, this Bahamian is a firm believer in magic and folk medicine to get you through the aches and pains of life, from love to straying spouses to childbirth. However, Obeah has a dark side and is undoubtedly one of the more powerful karmic practices.

Upon coming to Pern, her mother strongly advised she practice her belief in secret, as the natives of this world would not understand and would possibly shun her. Seeing the wisdom in these words, Neoma has kept her religion private and her sorceries to herself.

((OOC: Thanks to Lindsay for her "Does she practice voodoo?" remark!))

+ - To make it more clear: Obeah is not Fantasy magic. Its not casting fireballs or turning someone's hair green from a distance. It is not "magic on Pern". Its a cultural religion carried over with a person/s. Much the same as the Spaniards bringing over their Traditional Spanish dances. (You will also note that some of them are wearing the crucifix, yet there is no more mention then that concerning their religion.)

Neoma is not a "spellcaster", nor will she start rolling her eyes back in her head, go into trance, and start speaking with the dead. Its simply a part of her, part of her ancestry, and part of where and who she came from.

For the sake of not irking Canon, there will be next to no references to this. Its simply a character build.

For Fun

Neoma came to life. "Like I Love You" by Justin Timberlake.
Neoma's theme songs! "Milkshake" by Kelis and Hips Don't Lie by Shakira.

Pet names for her favorite people:
G'red (and L'kas, once upon a time) - Tiger
Allistair MacTavish - Captain
T'sker - Ace
A'ran - Sugar
S'lar - Cookie
Z'dar - Hero (Superhero + Hulk)

Neoma's model is Shakara Ledard, Manipulation by Fay,
images from various sources including Flickr.com,
Dream quote by Astrid Alauda

Threads of Interest

When Neoma was a Cadet

32.08.?? - Murren wants... girl advice?
32.10.02 - Neoma, meet G'red
32.11.14 - Murren wants to pay back the Aurelio boys for beating him up, Neoma has a chat with Angel and Manny.
32.12.02 - Meeko apologizes for the rumors she started about Neoma creating the cove monster.
32.13.07 - Neoma flight moths and lands Bronzerider L'kas
Turns End Party, Turn 32 - Riding a Bronze(rider)

33.02.07 - Petition to Stand and Moving In
33.02.?? - Cliff-diving, L'kas, and acceptance
33.02.27 - Beliath flies, G'red needs ... comfort
33.03.17 - G'red's booty call turns to soul searching
33.03.23 - Striking a Deal with Murren
33.04.01 - A-piercing we will go
33.04.20 - Neoma is a hard habit to break
33.05.03 - Isanti wants Advice
33.06.02 - First day of Psi Class, Introductions & Rules and Schedules & Chores.
33.06.03 - Second day of class begins with Weyr Morals, Respect, and who is who of DSW.
33.06.11 - Kitchen duty with Eponya.
33.06.19 - The deadline approaches!
33.07.04 - G'red's heart is Breaking.
33.07.14 - The Dragons are Humming! - The beauty of her soulmate, Impression! - The Hatching Party!
33.07.22 - A question of sexuality. (In Class)
33.08.02 - Sharing Secrets.
33.08.07 - Thread falls, a Bronzerider is killed.
33.08.13 - Why now? L'kas confesses.
33.08.16 - History Assignment take 2... Turning it in.
33.09.01 - Neoma recognizes Fiona. The Wingleader Lecture.
33.09.07 - Learn to accept.
33.09.11 - Dreaming of Him.
33.09.13 - Ezilith hears a cry for help, Neoma goes to assist A'ran of Delath.
33.09.22 - Weyrwoman's Lecture.
33.09.25 - A Lemming breaks the Rules and his dragon dies.
33.09.27 - A'ran seeks the Neoma Train. This leads to the occasional dinner date as schedules allow.
33.10.01 - Unbeknownst to Neoma, a certain Scotsman arrives at Alpha.
33.10.05 - Alita Baillon, Neoma's mother, runs into Mac.
33.10.17 - Neoma learns of Mac's presence at Alpha! Mac pays a visit to the weyr.
33.11.02 - Firestone Lecture.
33.11.22 - Neoma asks G'red for advice.

Turn 34
34.01.24 - A private strip tease goes global. Later that day, Issy and Neoma share a personal moment.
34.02.15 - And another one bites the dust. Selia and Bursith join the ranks of the Lemmings growing list of deceased.
34.03.08 - New living assignments. Neoma is paired with Samara.
34.03.10 - An assignment on Recognition.
34.04.01 - Learning to Between, on another dragon. Neoma pairs once again with S'lar and Green Higenth.
34.05.01 Interludes & Preludes. Cat checks on Bane. R'co wants to dance. Neoma offers to teach Cat belly dancing and then propositions Enrique...
34.05.02 The next day, Cat shows up for a lesson.
34.05.06 - Time to Between for real, as a pair. Death abounds.
34.05.07 Paying Tribute.
34.05.14 Another reminder that nothing is certain in a weyr. The Trilobyte Weyrling Class dies in their sleep.
34.06.03 The Hatching. And the party! Afterwards, Neoma gets time alone with her Scot.
34.06.14 A wildcat gets free in the weyr, killing A'ran.
34.06.15 Neoma pays her respects to Sarai.
34.06.23 Tossing the Firestone with Linelle.
34.06.26 Ezilith and Neoma shadow Liesa and Onasyth; a silver paper flower is gifted.
34.07.04 L'kas wants to make amends.
Armed Combat Training.
34.08.28 Rock Your Soul.
34.09.08 Unarmed Combat Class in the Ballroom. Armed Combat on the beach.
34.09.13 Greenrider Talk.
34.10.05 M'var dies in a freak accident.
34.10.25 - Preparing for Battle. A class.
34.11.04 Hatching Day always leads to a party!
34.11.12 Threadfall and heartache. Looking after a despairing G'red.
34.12.21 Graduation. / Party. / Wing Assignments.

35.01.05 Neoma gets an unexpected email from... Ferd.
35.01.15 Ezilth Rises for her Maiden Flight!
35.01.20 L'kas.
35.02.12 Mac.
35.02.18 G'red.
35.03.20 Neoma runs into Dani; is G'red ok?
35.05.08 Gather at NI: Love Potion #9 |
35.05.11 New Wingmate for Meridian.
35.06.01 Visiting Mac.
35.06.16 Breakfast with Kella.
35.08.09 Hunting at dinner.
35.08.28 Kalin's Coming-Out Party.
35.09.09 Family Meet.
35.10.07 - A rare day on the beach leads to more tragedy.
35.11.10 - Meeting Gyla leads to Ezilith Rising.
35.13.03 - The last thing she expected to hear.
35.13.05 - Not doing so well.
35.13.28 - Turn's End partying. | L'san.

36.01.08 - Mac.
36.04.28 - Meeting Bella, Lady of the Night. | Not what she expected.
36.05.01 - Fever dreams.
5.24 - The power goes out at DSW.
6.02 - L'san brings Glows.
6.15 - An accident occurs during Threadfall and Dawnsisters loses it's Queen.
6.19 - Neoma checks in with G'red.
7.21 - Linit reams out G'red.
8.16 - Ezilith Rises! And afterwards...
9.07 - Picnic with K'ahl.
11.08 - Threadfall over Aiel decimates the Weyr.
11.10 - New Wing. New Wingleader.
11.19 - Wingdrill.
11.20 - Mustering up for an early morning Threadfall.

37.01.01 - Permission to marry? On One Knee, Mac. Telling K'ahl.
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