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NAME Rosario Anna Cesara Aurelio
AGE TODAY 31 turn(s), 5 month(s), 14 day(s)
DATE OF BIRTH (2525 SL) 17.8.6
CHILDREN Marco, born 35.4.24 - fostering since 35.11.07 (R'co's daughter)
Anielle, born 31.4.4 - fostering since 36.04.04 (Anielle was one of the orphans of the Falling Rock disaster.)
Malita, born 38.7.6
Nissa, born 40.7.8
Currently Pregnant - due month 6
CHARACTER TYPE Offworlder-Civilian
HEIGHT 5' 6"


(Rosa's model is America Ferrera.)

Rosa has creamy, sun-kissed color skin with a healthy glow to her baby-face cheeks. She is a bit on the heavy side, as she has a terrible sweet tooth.

Dark brown hair, angel-soft with a slight wave to its fullness, this teen has equally rich dark brown eyes. But as of 33.03.22, they no longer see. Rosa is blind.
PERSONALITY DESCRIPTION As sweet natured as they come, Rosa has a quick smile and a gentle disposition and is generally too soft-hearted to speak poorly of others.

Despite the emotional upheavals of her parents' and siblings' deaths, several Hatchings gone by without Impressing, a disaster of a visit to Omega and an accident that left her blind for Turns, Rosa continues to have a hard time holding a grudge. Especially with her remaining siblings who have her best interest at heart.
HOBBIES Rosa has a lovely singing voice and enjoys writing songs, but her favorite past-time is dancing. She hasn't done any of these things in many Turns, focused on her new loves - N'val and their children.
PLACE OF BIRTH Offworld - Madrid, Spain
SIBLINGS Twins: Enrique (Sr. Journeyman Dolphineer) & Issy (deceased)
Manny (Journeyman Leatherworker)
Angel (deceased
R'co (her Twin, Brown Dragonrider - deceased)
SHORT HISTORY Five years before the move to Pern, Rosa's parents perished in a Terra Forming accident and her oldest brother, in the Spanish tradition, took over the care of his siblings. Rosa and the rest of her brothers and sisters hitched a ride with the last supply run to the planet before the FSP pulled out for good.

Several years later, Rosa took a shine to the leatherworking process after spending countless hours watching her brothers work. She became fascinated with the strips of hide that could be worked into such brilliant pieces and after awhile, she started adding her own personal touches to finished orders. What else could the brothers do but start teaching her the techniques they employed to make various goods.

Like her twin brother, R'co, Rosa Stood at several Hatchings, hoping to Impress a dragon of her own, but it was not to be.

Rosa had developed a heated dislike of fellow Candidate Elenda over her treatment of their mutual friend, Murren. Something she eventually learned to overcome, while a friendship grew with Tanda when they both followed Murren to Omega to experience something new and exciting. What they got was put to work and Rosa grew sullen and detatched after their return. Unfortuanetly, an unpleasant vendetta built between she and former friend Tanda over Murren, a grudge that was plenty ugly before it ended.

Add to her own issues, Rosa had no idea that her brothers R'co and Angel were conniving to get her married off- to different boys! (F'igo and Murren.)

Nearing Turns End, Tanda and she patched up their issues, thanks to an apology from Chameleon Meeko (11.15) for her role in the rumor spreading that helped lead up to their feud.

Tanda and Rosa regained their close friendship, though she and Murren had been growing apart and F'igo no longer seemed to have an interest in the Spaniard. But Rosa moved on and through a passion for singing, she found that she and R'co's pal, V'rik, had much in common. A crush began brewing... And Rosa got that kiss.

Thread fell the next day and an accident in the workshop led to Rosa becoming blind.

After a series of grueling personal struggles, her brother Manny took her to Dawnsisters Hold where the sightless Lady Lyris opened her up and taught her what it meant to have lost the use of her sight. And though the Lady protested Rosa moving on, Manny took his sister to Alpha where Greenrider Tina had been training a canine to be her eyes.

Now she is back home, at Dawnsisters Weyr, with the rest of her family, which includes a long-lost Grandmother with a flair for the regal and dramatic.
CRAFT Leathercraft
RANK Apprentice
SPECIALTY Etchings & Engravings
NAME: Bane
TYPE Canine (Male)
DESCRIPTION: The Black shepherd is not a pet. He is a working dog, trained to be Rosa's eyes, her constant companion. He is stubborn, stout of heart, and refuses to let Rosa mope or feel sorry for herself.
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AGE TODAY 18 turn(s), 8 month(s), 4 day(s)
DATE OF BIRTH (2538 SL) 30.5.15

Turn 32

3.08 The Spaniards arrive at DSW.
Meeting R'mon and Miotath
4.05 Meeting Fionn, destined to be F'igo
5.16 Get Your Groove On - the Aurelios give Dance Instructions.
6.06 Friendship is born, Rosa and Kalin
6.11 - Family Meet
7.24 Gift for Manny
First Kiss - 8.08, fellow Upsilon Candidate, Murren, followed by foot popping action from Fionn! http://www.dawnsistersweyr.net/forum...ead.php?t=2138
Chiquita is born! - 8.10, Rosa walks in on a Hatching in the Kitchens and Impresses little green Chiquita! http://www.dawnsistersweyr.net/forum...9863#post19863
8.28 Left UnImpressed on the Sands, Rosa meets the dragonets of her friends.
9.13 Rosa wants to go to Omega
10.18 Rosa and F'igo start dating-
10.21 Unbeknownst to Rosa, F'igo asks Enrique for permission to be with her
10.23 Cat orders vests from Manny, Rosa teases her hermano about him having puppies with the canine lady
10.28 Date with F'igo turns, Brother Turgo arrives unexpectedly with bad news
11.01 Murren asks the familia for permission to woo Rosa
11.03 The Dinner that Was (Disastrous)
11.15 Murren- falling out
11.19 Rosa is clueless, her family discusses her future behind her back, but Manny chooses to ask her what she wants
12.05 Chatting with Turgo
13.14 Patching things up, a Date with Murren (And an encounter with the cove monster)
Turns End Party - Rosa sees neither boy she is sweet on.

Turn 33

1.15 Unhappy Realizations- no boys for Rosa
2.07 Shorthanded in the kitchen leads to a newfound crush on R'co's best friend, V'rik.
2.16 There's Daggers in Mens' Smiles, Announcing the weyr's first production and sign-up sheet.
3.08 Daydreaming of V'rik leads to an unintended visit from Murren, along with a proposal. And Angel and Cat throw a Housewarming party.
3.21 Rosa throws a surprise Turning Day party for Kalin. But Kalin has a surprise for her! An unaccompanied dragonride. Followed by dreams made reality, tender feelings shared with V'rik.
3.22 Fate undecided, Rosa is struck the morning of threadfall by an HNO3 tank.
3.24 Rosa is taken to Alpha Hold, where an MRI determines her fate and a certain blue dragon answers her cries for help.
4.14 Visitors welcome, V'rik finds her in the dark. Later, Kalin and Tanda visit.
4.26 Rosa gets to go home.
5.11 M'lo and Lyrith are here!? It could mean trouble.
5.12 Never again a Candidate.
5.17 Th'rin visits.
5.18 A compassionate gift from Elenda
5.21 Murren visits.
6.10 To Dance is to Heal, followed by another First Kiss.
6.21 Th'rin pays Rosa a visit.
6.24 Tanda visits with some heart-wrenching news for Enrique.
7.02 Dancing with Tears in my Eyes.
7.19 Arrival at DSH.
7.20-? Letters from Home.
8.08 In attendance for the Birthday party of the Lord Holder's triplet siblings.
8.19 V'rik visits!
9.01 Unbeknownst to Rosa, Tina Young is at Alpha training her a Seeing Eye Dog.
9.24 Kalin comes down with Firehead.
9.25 Kalin & R'co.
9.26 A trip to Alpha?
10.23 Rosa can't leave?!
10.24 Let's meet Tina and Bane.
13.12 V'rik Graduates and pays Rosa a visit. Choices are made (explicit version), and the next morning (13.13)... . Rosa finds herself running into obstacles. Unbeknowst to her, Kalin has sought help from Enrique and leaves the Weyr.

Turn 34

1.22 Rosa runs into... Granny?!
2.12 R'co comes to collect the family & Brings them home!
2.13 Enrique has to tell Rosa her best friend is gone.
2.23 A romantic evening.
4.14 Will Rosa return to Harper classes?
5.01 Interludes & Preludes. Cat checks on Bane. R'co wants to dance. Neoma offers to teach Cat belly dancing and then propositions Enrique...
5.28 Kara's Green Lenimenth Rises; Perath gives Chase.
6.03 Hatching Day! And of course, the party afterward!
6.07 Cat's been acting suspicious...
6.08 Hell comes to the Aurelios.
6.11 Meeko's Capriath Rises and Perath Chases. Perath makes the win but Rosa is in no condition to respond. V'rik has a confession to make...
8.05 An invaded Garden. Also that day, Gwenlyn pays a visit.
8.24 A request is made of the Leatherworkers. Rosa meets N'val.
9.05 B'gel invades.
9.08 Rosa meets Ronin.
9.10 Thread falls over DSH;
9.17 Rosa and V'rik break up; two days later, V'rik writes Rosa a love letter.
9.26 Rosa wants to see through Chiquita's eyes, Atenath and N'val help it happen.
10.03 Issy returns home. And finds Rosa first, by accident.
10.06 Sabrinn pays a visit.
10.07 R'co is injured during Threadfall. Rosa goes to the dining hall to fetch supper and gets so much more... Later, Ronin innocently lets slip Manny's whereabouts.
10.16 A web of thread and a Gold flit.
10.28 Brooding.
11.01 Rosa plans a dinner party.
11.04 Hatching Day leads to a party.

Turn 35

Too late for apologies; F'igo is taken.
2.12 Lupe Aurelio, long lost cousin.
2.16 Rosa.
3.19 Rosa comforts an uncomfortable Malone.
3.20 Rosa takes a step forward with N'val.
4.07 Manny can't hide forever.
4.24 It's Time - Marco is born. | Visitors.
4.28 Kalin returns!
5.01 Cousin Lupe comes home. | Catching up with Kalin.
5.08 Gather at NI: Arrival |
5.27 Marco.
6.14 Rosa is seeing things.
8.09 Children of the Creche.
8.13 Kalin in need.
8.15 Hatching Day!
8.28 Kalin's coming out party.
9.09 Family Meet.
10.01 Murren.
11.07 Marco.

Turn 36

4.04 Making a commitment to Anielle.
5.01 The day that Thread Fell. | Horror.
5.24 - The power goes out at DSW.
6.15 - An accident occurs during Threadfall and Dawnsisters loses it's Queen.
7.17 - Anielle wants Chiquita to send a letter.
7.23 - Green.
8.22 - Not feeling well, but little Gwion is darling.
10.27 - Earthquake!
11.02 - R'co and Issy are gone.
11.08 - Threadfall over Aiel decimates the Weyr. Rosa finds N'val, more or less unharmed. A private moment.
11.23 - Sight returned? Seeing N'val.
13.28 - Getting ready for the Turns End. After the party...
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