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All the Dawnsisters History you ever needed (or wanted!) to know, right here for your perusing enjoyment!

On this page you'll find our timeline, organized with the most recent dates at the top, oldest dates at the bottom. The colors separate the turns. On this page, only events affecting the whole club are recorded. For more specific information regarding gold flights, clutchings, and hatchings, please see the On the Sands section under the Weyr heading. To view the Exhaustive All-Member Timeline (link unavailable at this time), you must be a member and sign in. To read the Text Book version of our history to date, please click here!

33.01.15 An expedition sets out to sea from Yokohama Cove to attempt to learn what can be learned about the seamonster.
A bad threadfall claims the lives of an unusually high number of riders.
Bronzerider G'rin is attacked and killed by the seamonster while he and brownriders Sh'ay are out fishing.
32.11.03 The last of a second batch of wherries die before any positive results can be obtained.
Two escape pods from the Aberdeen enter the Pernese atmosphere. One touches down in Omega territory, the other on an island in the Southern Ocean.
The abandoned Aberdeen crashes into the Red Star.
The Aberdeen is evacuated when it becomes apparent that repeated saboteur attacks and infiltration of thread have put the ship on track for destruction.
32.10.12 Masterhealer L'vi dies of an unexpected heart attack, leaving the Weyr in shock and without a master healer.
Fayrenth's 13 eggs hatch but the candidates are poorly prepared and many are injured.
32.09.21 While swimming in the Cove, green dragon Elspath is attacked by an unknown water creature, causing panic and starting the hunt for the seamonster.
32.08.28 Beliath's clutch hatches 25 healthy hatchlings, though the last part of the hatching disappeared in a cloudburst.  Sabrinn becomes the first woman in Pernese history to impress a brown dragon.
It becomes apparent that something is upsetting the resident dolphin pod, a problem which will continue.
A prankster replaces many bottles of shampoo with dye, leaving many Weyr residents running around with rainbow hair for several weeks.
A disasterous threadfall results in 5 deaths and many riders and dragons injured.
The worst fall since the out of phase falls in Turn 30.
A first attempt is made by a party of riders and hunters to go back in time and return wherries to the present.
Raidelth rises and is caught by Charyth.
31.13.28 TE
Raven & Mouse Weyrlings Graduate
The trial concludes. Latham is found guilty of the murders of Ria and V'tem and sentenced to death *between*
Murder Trial begins;
Chessy is officially made the new Headwoman
31.12.12 Beliath's clutch hatches; Gold dragonet & her lifemate murdered on the Sands;
Pirate Party!  V'tem mysteriously murdered, Exith goes Between
31.11.04 Beliath clutches 33 eggs, including a gold egg!
Raidelth's clutch hatches, inducing Fayrenth's to hatch. Many eggs hold multiple dragons, resulting in 25 total impressions.
Beliath rises - caught by bronze Exith after a very long flight.
Fayrenth's gold egg 'dies,' along with another egg from her clutch.
Fayrenth clutches 8 eggs including a gold.
31.07.08 Raidelth clutches 11 eggs!
31.04.09 Fayrenth rises - caught by Boreath; R'ken remains Weyrleader
Raidelth rises - caught by Gyraneth
31.03.18 G'red is reassigned as Weyrlingmaster
31.02.20 An accident in the utilities room causes power to go out in the Weyr for nearly 12 hours
31.01.24 Evi is recovered, the team reunites, and is retrieved by the Captain of the Aberdeen
31.01.17 A thunderstorm sweeps across the plains, causing some minor damage to the Weyr and surroundings.
31.01.06 Kehti and gold Amethsyth transfer to High Reaches
30.13.01 Beliath's Clutch Hatches! 11 dragonets all green, 16 eggs unhatched - Turkey Clutch.
30.12.24 Evi is discovered, recognized for what she is, and put in the brig at Alpha
30.12.22 A rescue crew is sent after Evi.
30.12.20 A routine scouting trip goes wrong and captain Evi Dahl crash lands in Omega territory
30.12.17 Cali appointed as new Headwoman
30.12.01 Delta Hold officially opened for inhabitation - Delegation from Dawnsisters includes Headwoman Desma
30.11.23 Raidleth's first clutch Hatches! 9 dragonets, Magpie Clutch.
30.11.02 The FSP Ship Aberdeen enters orbit around Pern
30.10.14 Caprina and gold Jeimith transfer to Fort
30.09.21 T'rel assumes Weyrlingmaster duties
30.09.20 First Carnival held as a relief effort; Hawk and Swift Clutches Graduate; Weyrlingmaster G'red disappears
30.09.01 Lord Holder Perrin of Dawnsisters Hold officially retires. His son, Nairn, becomes the new Lord Holder
30.08.17 Alpha Researchers create a vaccine that cures the Mild and Serious versions of the space-born illness.
30.08.15 First Space Plague deaths.
30.08.14 First signs of an air-born contagion begins appearing.
30.07.21 Mega Asteroid hit's South Sea causing Tsunami. Aiel, refugee camp & weyr swamped.
30.07.20 Clean up crew destroyed.
30.07.16 Out of phase Thread Falls begin, Asteroids hit Southern and Aiel, earthquake hits weyr.
30.07.15 Asteroids begin to fall upon the Northern Continent
30.07.13 Raidelth's maiden Flight, caught by Brown Tamsenth.
30.07.07 Hatching! Twin & Triplet births reign, 24 hatchlings from 13 eggs, Raven clutch.
30.07.01 Lady Holder Geri of Dawnsisters Hold leaps/falls to her death
30.05.27 Weyrleader R'ken spots 'cloud' in stars.
30.04.08 Kitchen workers go on strike - lasts five day
30.04.06  Ondelle and gold Beliath return to Dawnsisters
30.02.21 Fayrenth's rises and is caught by Boreath; R'ken remains Weyrleader.
29.13.28 Robin Clutch Weyrlings Graduate, Hawk and Swift Clutches moved to Senior
29.11.18 Lion Clutch Weyrlings Graduate, Robin Clutch moved to Senior status
29.03.16 Hatching! Both clutches. Caprina Impresses Gold Jeimith. Clutches Hawk and Swift.
29.01.19 Amethsyth lays a clutch of 22 eggs, including a Gold.
29.01.17 Fayrenth lays a clutch of 26 eggs.
28.11.11 Mirinda and Fayrenth's first Mating flight at DSW. Caught by Boreath. R'ken and Miri new Weyrleaders.
28.10.21 Construction on Delta Hold begins
28.06.28 Taliath's final Clutch Hatched, Robin Clutch; Larime impresses gold Raidelth; Arwyn and gold Taliath begin move to Dawnsisters Hold to be Watch pair
28.06.27 An expedition began to map the Southern Continent better and catalog new species.
28.03.01 Taliath is permanently crippled during a Mating Flight accident; Caught by Boreath; R'ken becomes Weyrleader
28.02.15 Proposal made to construct a "University Center" (to be named Delta Hold) in the Cibola Plains
28.01.27 Mirinda and gold Fayrenth transfer to Dawnsisters
27.09.28  Ondelle and gold Beliath transfer to Fort Weyr
27.09.04  Beliath rises in her first mating flight, caught by bronze Manath of Fort
27.08.20  Pernese Council vote severs ties with Dawnsisters, giving the new Weyr full independence and raising a shadow of disappoval
27.08.01 Taliath rises and is again caught by brown ___ ; ___ becomes Weyrleader
27.06.01  The first non-tithe-supported gather is held at the Weyr
27.04.15  Dawnsisters is officially established as an independent Weyrhold; D'yar is killed during a Thread training exercise at Igen
27.02.11 Cecelia falls and dies in a flight training accident. Reszirth goes *between*
27.02.02  The Moth class graduates from Weyrling training
27.01.25 The members of the FSP who wish to remain pretend deadly illness in order to stay on Pern. The ships depart.
27.01.22 D'yar and several senior riders petition the Council to save Dawnsisters; matter taken under consideration
27.01.20  The Conclave votes to demand the exit of the FSP and dissolution of Dawnsisters Weyr
26.13.28 A bad batch of eggnog causes alarm that the plague may be back in a human form
26.13.01 It becomes apparent that the wherry population has been hit especially hard by the plague and is not likely to recover
26.12.03 Fire lizards contract the plague - die off in record numbers - causes fear of dragon illness
26.11.15 First symptoms of a plague begins to appear in the animal life around Cibola Plains
26.09.27 Taliath rises, caught by bronze Dalth, ridden by 16 turn old D'yar; D'yar becomes Weyrleader amidst much controversy
26.07.14 Alianya and Coryth transfer to Igen Weyr
26.05.20 Roundup efforts are less than perfectly successful, causing some rumbles of discontent in the Pernese
26.05.16 The FSP loses control of several species of animals
26.01.12 Kyria and gold Danath transfer to Ista Weyr, Kehti and gold Amethysth transfer to Dawnsisters
25.13.26  An incident with offworld soap dyes the Moth Class dragons strange colors
25.13.12 Danath hatches a clutch of 24 - Mayfly Class. Cecilia impresses gold Reszirth
25.13.01 Kyeada and Xynth go *between* during a weyrling training exercise
25.10.20 Taliath rises to mate, causing nervousness because of her injured state. M'kel remains Weyrleader
25.10.13 Taliath injured during threadfall - just a wingtip, but enough to limit flight
25.07.12 Coryth rises for her maiden mating flight
25.06.14 Winter Solstice Celebration
25.05.24 An unauthorized experiment - the "Iron Dragon" - explodes and crashes during threadfall, killing and injuring several riders
25.03.08 Taliath's clutch hatches 18 eggs - Moth Class. Ondelle impresses gold Beliath, Kyeada impresses gold Xynth
25.02.12 Thread falls out of phase and destroys all but 18 Eggs
25.01.22 Taliath Clutches, 33 eggs including the Weyr's first Queen Egg
25.01.21 Official Dinner at Weyr, Beach Party
25.01.02 Founding Gather at Dawnsisters Hold
25.01.01 Dawnsisters Weyr established, Wings form for first time
Pre-club history
24.13.20 Taliath is flown by Wyoth, Arwyn is established as Weyrwoman, M'kel as Weyrleader
24.09.19 Dawnsisters Hold established
24.02.09 Dawnsisters Weyr and Hold accepted by Hold, Hall and Weyr Conclave
23.06.07 Dawnsisters Weyr and Hold Proposed to isolate contact
23.04.20 Alpha Base established on Cibola Plains
22.13.28 Contract agreement signed
22.11.17 First Contact between Pern and FSP since Rescue Mission
22.11.15 Mission contacts Pern through Yokohama link
22.11.13 FSP mission to study Oort Cloud observes explosion on the Red Planet
The division from the McCaffrey Pern, post AtWoP

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