The Cibola Plains are located on the coast of the Southern Continent,Cibola Plains west of Ierne Island. It features a Mediterranean climate (warm and dry in summers, cool and wet in winter without any extreme hot or cold weather) and lush Earth-grasses that have survived from the early Colonists' plantings.


The first modern settlements were founded by Holdless who were lost and landed in the area as well as a few dissatisfied Southern Hold transplants who chose the rigors of living Holdless over the tyranny of Lord Toric. Most notable among these are Cibola Hold to the south and Aiel Hold to the north.

Jungle & MountainsWhen the FSP established a permanent base of operations on Pern they chose the Cibola Plains for it/'s isolated location in order to keep "cultural contamination" to a minimum. Dawnsisters Hold was founded to make contact between the FSP and Pernese easier... and contained.

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