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The Holdless

Stillwater Hold A cool wind blows in over the plains, traveling the browning fields and sparse grazing land. It eddied over lowing beasts, the men and women who tended them ducking their wide-brimmed hats to the gusts as they moved their herds for the day. The wind traveled, not content to play among the lowland fields, racing instead across the land in search of the river where it bent, finding it steeped in an early morning haze, it's ghostly fog like steam rising off of the water.

Here, the land changed.

Tucked in against the wide bend in the river was a series of holds, cut into the cliffs set back on the land, the sun's rays struggling to penetrate the damp cover. Stretching all the way to the water were obvious signs of habitation. Expanses of beach and dry marsh held dormant until the spring when the river would flood and nurture the fields of river grain. A few low-keeled boats bobbed in the water, several strapped down with crates of goods, the loading dock bustling with activity as more were loaded on and secured for shipment across the river.

At first glance, Stillwater Hold was a community like any other. It's people worked hard, lived hard, and played hard.

But underneath, darker things festered.

  • Hold Name: Stillwater Hold
  • Location: Cibola -Click for Map- Stillwater Hold is located NE of Cibola Hold, to the West of Dawnsisters Hold, across the river.
  • Hold Specialty: The chief industries are trade (because of the river routes/access) and river grains (rice)! Glassmaking is also a strong craft here. The resident fishermen have their crafts berthed elsewhere; their catch being for supporting the Hold (diet), not export.
  • Beholden To: Dawnsisters Hold (allegiance may change)
  • Weyr Beholden To: Dawnsisters Weyr
  • Facts: Lord Holder Eljawor is dying slowly and his successor has yet to be declared. Anor, Kinir and Nator are up for the prestigious title.
  • Stables: The Hold has a small stable of 5 runners for general use, not including the two hobby racers of Dectan's.


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