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The Holdless

Aiel Hold was founded by a Dragonless Oldtimer escaping the presence of the other dragons at Southern Weyr. He brought his wife, sons and infant daughter with him. Along with several Southern Hold "escapees" they carved a Hold out of a cliff face.

Located near the northern tip of the Cibola Plains, Sunset/Moonrise Near AielAiel Hold was primarily a crop producer and was located near enough a protected cove to ship most of the Hold goods by sea.

Unfortunately recent disasters including both asteroid strikes and a flood have decimated this Hold and it's residents. The buildings are in ruins and most of those living here were lost. The few remaining are still listed as Aiel residents until such time as they find a new permanent home.


Cibola Hold is a restored Ancients' Hold, like Paradise River Hold. It is located in the far southern part of the Cibola Plains, near the foothills that lead to the Southern Snowy Wastes. Cibola was originally built from local stone and slate and fully restored can house about 150. Because of a large amount of local stone available the Holder is constructing new cotholds on the perimeter of Cibola Hold to accommodate new arrivals from the North.

Cibola Hold is tenanted mostly by refugees from Lord Toric's Southern Hold,  the Lord'sLush Plains of Cibola Hold Council sent an established Holder and his wife to take over the management of the Hold, making the settlement official. The Hold is primarily a beasthold, several Offworlders have likened it to an Ancient Earth American Ranch.

With thousands of herdbeasts on the hold's lush pastureland there is plenty of work for new immigrants from the Northern Continent. The recent disasters that have occurred has swollen Cibola with refugees, and it will likely become home to those who lost everything in the asteroid strikes or flood.


Des Collines Cothold founded by a group of former FSP Des Collins personnel.   Several of the young adults have Impressed Dragons and now abide at the weyr.

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