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Omega Badge Omega Stakehold was founded by the Offworlder Rafe Brady, during the latter part of Turn 25 (year 2533 SL).

The former FSP Civil Engineer became disaffected with the FSP 's way of handling of the Pern situation and with it's future plans for the lovely planet. Biding his time until Omega
Valleyhe had most of the work on the living facilities finished and with enough marks in his pocket, Brady arranged for it to appear that he had left the planet aboard an FSP shuttle to handle another construction massive project elsewhere in the galaxy; and effectively disappeared into the range of mountains in the southern Cibola Plains.

Omega is situated in a lovely valley in that mountain range.

Eastside Omega Proper

The hold itself is built into a massive mountain, reminiscent of El Capitan in the Yosemite area of Old Earth. Solar panels and a beautiful triple waterfall provide the basic amenities of power and water. The stakehold has several herds of the new Earth-Pern crossbred horse/runners and cattle/herdbeasts.

Omega In Winter
With help from other disaffected Offworlders a large three story greenhouse with a subterranean level for storage and mushroom cultivation, shiitake's being the main crop, was built within 20 kilometers of the Stakehold Proper. The ground floor contains the tall fruit and nut trees.

Omega Territory is also home of the notorious "Lodge", where dragonriders, holders, and others (including privateers and the holdless), gather for drinking, gambling, womanizing and other nefarious activities.

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