Below are  links to the Holds in the Cibola Plains Region and beholden to Dawnsisters Weyr. Major Holds first, Minor Holds, Cotholds & Weyrholds, then Holdless.

Dawnsisters Hold DAWNSISTERS HOLD Dawnsisters Hold
(The sole Traditional Major Hold in the Plains)

Alpha Hold/Base ALPHA HOLD/BASE Alpha Hold/Base
(Link connects to FSP Page)

Aiel Hold AIEL HOLD Aiel Hold
(Minor Hold)

Cibola Hold CIBOLA HOLD Cibola Hold
(Minor Hold)
Delta HoldDELTA HOLD Delta Hold
(NPC "University" Hold)
new-ista badgeNEW ISTA HOLDnew-ista badge
(Minor Hold)
Omega Stakehold OMEGA STAKEHOLDOmega Stakehold
(Home of The Lodge)

stillwater-badge STILLWATER HOLD stillwater-badge
(Minor Hold)

Des Collins Badge Des Collines Cothold Des Collins Badge

Safe Haven SafeHaven Weyrhold Safe Haven

StarCove Weyrhold StarCove Weyrhold
StarCove Weyrhold


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