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No Roof Over Their Heads...

Not all Pern's inhabitants choose or have the option of being safe, warm, and happy under nice stone or steel roofs. The Cibola Plains were originally settled by those who chose this more difficult life, and although many eventually settled into groups that eventually became Aiel and Cibola Holds, many others chose to maintain independent family steads or adopt a somewhat nomadic way of life.

With the advent of the winter disasters of Turn 30, a whole new population of Holdless arrived in the Cibola Plains. What began as a rescue attempt for the residents of Ista Island turned into a disaster of unprecidented proportions, after a tsunami swept the plains and decimated its inhabitants.

In the northern portions of the Plains, where the weather is warm and food easy to come by, groups of survivors have clustered together, forming camps of bedraggled holdless. Other New Istans, as they've come to be known, gravitated toward Aiel or Cibola, where they've helped with reconstruction and resettlement. Still others have taken less conventional paths...

The Good Ship Dark Star

The Dark Star

Sailing the seas and
supplying the Southern Continent with its share of blackmarket goods is the pirate ship Dark Star and its rough-and-tumble crew. Not a particularly pleasant group of individuals, they nevertheless supply a service. Crafty and unscrupulous, they have yet to run afoul of the authorities.

The Madonal Trader Train

Trader WagonsThe Madonal Train family is descended from a Traveler family (Gypsies) and the MacDonald family. They are mostly dark colored, small and wiry, but due to intermarriage with Holders there are larger individuals and a few blonds as part of their MacDonald heritage.

They have been on the Southern Continent for eight turns.

Initially they were at Southern Hold but Lord Toric would not allow the freedom they wished. They moved west to the Cibola Plains to serve the illegal colonists there and received official recognition when the Cibola Plains were opened to settlement.

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