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Dawnsisters Hold like Dawnsisters Weyr, was designed and built by the Offworlders. DS Hold - In the Begining....It has the same Offworlder amenities and odd cultural discrepancies. It is carved from a  stone mesa in the middle of a large, lush plain. It was occupied for several months before the Weyr was completed.

Located to the Northwest of  Alpha Base and Southwest of the Weyr,  this Hold is generally bustling with activity. A monthly Market and Gather for the many unaffiliated holders that had been in the area for several years was quickly established, also attracting Offworlders seeking knowledge, Dragonriders seeking entertainment and Northerners seeking warm relief from the bitter winters of the Northern Continent.

Grazing HerdbeastsDawnsisters Holds' original Lord Holder was a successful Beastholder in the north. He intended for Dawnsisters Hold, with it's incredible grazing land, to become the premiere breeder of herdbeasts and runnerbeasts on Pern. His son and successor intends to see that dream become reality.

The recent asteroid strikes caused an earthquake that shook the Holds' domains, caused the river basin to cave in, creating a very long, wide, deep lake. The plague, space-born and delivered to the planets inhabitants by the asteroids, has diminished the population of Dawnsisters Hold. Due to these disasters and the  personal tragedy of Lady Holder Geri's  fellis induced suicide, Lord Holder Perrin has stepped down promoting his son, Nairn, to be recognized as the new Lord Holder.  Perrin has also retired to StarCove Weyrhold

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