The Healer Hall in Dawnsisters Hold is unusually large, primarily due to the number of Healers, mostly Senior Journeymen and Masters, it originally accommodated those who wished to learn new techniques from the Offworlders.

Healers Hall has chosen to forgo technological Healing because it is agreed that the Pernese people are not ready for such a change in their care. Indeed, many Pernese still refuse surgical techniques discovered before the Offworlders arrived on Pern.

Young Journeymen and senior Apprentices are being encouraged to offer as Candidates for Hatching, as the territory covered by Dawnsisters Hold is huge and Dragonrider Healers would make responding to distant emergencies much faster. Some Healers see this as an excellent use for dragons after this Final Pass.

Craft Color(s) Purple (or Maroon)

The Healers Knots
If posted the Dominate Color of the Weyr or Hold of Posting is twisted in

Master Sr. Journeyman Jr. Journeyman Sr. Apprentice Jr. Apprentice

Triple Cord
Hold Dominant
Hold Secondary
Double Loop
Gold Met.
Triple Cord
Hold Dominant
Hold Secondary
Single Loop
Long Tail
Craft Color
Triple Cord
Hold Dominant
Hold Secondary
Single Loop
Long Tail
Triple Cord
Hold Dominant
 Hold Secondary
Single Loop
Short Tail

Triple Cord
Hold Dominant
 Hold Secondary
Single Loop
No Tail

Master Healer
(if contracted) (equivalent to MD, may have a specialty in a particular field)
  • Chief administrator of the Infirmary
  • Chief liaison between Craft and Weyr/Craft and Hold
  • Oversees all Infirmary staff, delegates authority where appropriate
  • Oversees contract negotiations for Journeyfolk or Apprentices employed at the Weyr
  • Approves or rejects petitions for Apprenticeships. Approved individuals become "Candidate Apprentice" until confirmed in the position by a sponsor and acceptance into the main Crafthall
  • Approves or rejects petitions for Journeyfolk advancement, sponsors selected Journeyfolk for continued education at main Crafthall or to sit for examinations
  • Must attend Masters'' Conclave within the Craft
  • Make ethical decisions regarding the use of mercy drafts or invasive/experimental technique, has final say on patient care
  • Give lessons when necessary
  • Prescribe treatments and medications for patients, diagnose, preform major surgeries
  • Reports to: Weyrleader, Weyrwoman, The Masterhealer, Conclave of Peers
  • Receives reports from: All Infirmary staff within the chain of command, and any Weyr staff (Headwoman, etc) whom may find it necessary to coordinate with the Infirmary for assignments
  • Individual almost never a Dragonrider.
Senior Journeyfolk
 (equivalent to Physician''s Assistant, Army Field Medic, or highly experienced RN) If no Masterhealer is contracted, most experienced and most senior of contracted Journeyfolk becomes chief administrator with all those responsibilities except the ability to have final say on patient care or the use of mercy drafts. That responsibility is then handed to the Weyrleader or Weyrwoman, or a Dragonhealer if one is available If there is a contracted Masterhealer, or if there are more than one Senior Journeyfolk, other duties delegated to them would include: Overseeing administration of assigned ward (ICU, triage/emergency, overnights, etc)
  • Overseeing triage units during Threadfall
  • Evaluate performance of Junior Journeyfolk/Apprentices, sponsor deserving people for advancement and exams
  • Coordinate staffing of Candidates during chores
  • Give lessons when necessary
  • Oversee pharmacy, prepare medicines if necessary
  • Prescribe treatments, preform minor surgeries, consult Master in regards to diagnoses
  • See to appropriate patient care, bring ethical issues to table before Masterhealer
  • Reports to: Masterhealer, Weyrleader, Weyrwoman, Craft
  • Recieves reports from: All Infirmary staff below within the chain of command, and any Weyrstaff associated with their ward
  • Individual usually not a Dragonrider
Junior Journeyfolk
(equivalent to LPNs, EMTs, First Responders, etc) Should not have administration responsibilities unless in the event of an untimely absence of Masterhealer and Senior Journeyfolk. Has no ability to prescribe treatments or diagnose Preform routine patient care within assigned ward
  • Preform minor surgeries under supervision of Senior Journeyfolk or Master
  • Assist in Threadfall triage units
  • Organize and oversee routine wellness exams and annual physicals
  • Tutor Apprentices when necessary
  • Keeping inventories and patient records up-to-date, filing requisition requests
  • Collecting supplies, organization and overseeing of field collection trips
  • Maintance of ward instruments and facilities
  • Return to main Crafthall at least one semester a turn for lessons
  • Reports to: Senior Journeyfolk Ward Chief, Masterhealer
  • Recieves reports from: Apprentices, patients, Weyrstaff, Holdstaff
  • If individual is Candidate to become a Dragonrider, may request leave-of-absence from Craft for duration of Candidacy/Weyrlinghood. Continuing advancement in Craft often conflicts with Dragonriding, therefore many individuals will formally leave the Craft, even though they may still informally practice their acquired skills when necessary during Threadfall or staff-shortages in the Infirmary. Those with better time management may be assigned to the Infirmary by the Weyrleader/Weyrwoman during non-Drill times, or may informally Apprentice to a Dragonhealer.

  • Apprentices
    (Senior, Junior, Candidate) (equivalent to nursing students, candy stripers, orderlies, etc)
  • See to patient comforts within assigned ward (assisted feedings, sponge bathing, special requests etc)
  • Preform maintenance tasks within assigned ward (disinfection, scrub downs, instrument sterilizations, etc)
  • Go-for and assist senior Healers in treatments and Threadfall
  • Counting and recording inventory, keep all wards fully stocked
  • Senior Apprentices responsible for keeping pharmacy well stock
  • Turn in written assignments when necessary
  • Attend all given classes
  • Return to main Crafthall for at least two consecutive turns in four until confirmed as Senior Apprentice, and then one semester a turn until Senior Journeyfolk
  • Keeping patient records up-to-date
  • Reports to: Journeyfolk Ward Chief, all Journeyfolk, Masterhealer, Headwoman
  • Receives reports from: Other Apprentices, patients, Weyrstaff
  • If individual is a Candidate to become a Dragonrider, may request a leave-of-absence from Craft for duration of Candidacy/Weyrlinghood. Continuing advancement in Craft often conflicts with Dragonriding, and individuals who are not far-along in their training may be asked to formally leave the Craft, and then re-apply for Apprenticeship if they do not Impress. Considerations such as skill, turns of schooling, sponsorship, bedside manner, etc are taken into account in making the decision to dismiss an Apprentice from the Craft. Many individuals make the decision to formally leave the Craft on their own, but they may continue to informally assist in the Infirmary, or take on an informal Apprenticeship with a Dragonhealer. 

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