You've heard other clubs claim to be unique. Here at Dawnsisters, we make the same claim, and the FSP are our proof.

Never before has a Weyr boasted elevators, computers, or landing docks for flying sleds. Never before has a Weyr needed such commodities. But at Dawnsisters, we are the subjects of an ongoing study being conducted by a group of people who thought Pern had been devoured by Thread over two millennia ago.

The FSP arrived eight years ago, attracted by an explosion on the Red Star. They set up aSatellite Beacon treaty with the natives and a Base of operation on the Southern Continent. Full details are available in our Timeline section. Since that time, however, the Pernese and FSP have had a parting of ways, concluding in an expulsion of the FSP from the planet, save for a few who chose to remain, cut off from any chance of escaping Pern, and isolated to Dawnsisters Territory. Now the Pernese cope with the new technology as best they can, supported by the remaining staff at Alpha Base/Hold.

But something is afoot! Anyone naive enough to believe that the strongest military force in the galaxy would just abandon a resource so rich and intriguing as Pern has another think coming. High in orbit around our precious Pern, another FSP ship lurks.......


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