In a world where the FSP returned,
The Aberdeenbringing their many and wonderful technologies with them, only to once again abandon the technologically illiterate Pernese to their own devices, many strange difficulties and unusual options are available to the residents of Dawnsisters Weyr and her territories. However, rumors now spread that the FSP have not entirely deserted Pern. The proof lurks in orbit behind Belior, and we are ready to get her open for business!

Scout Ship on ReCon!

The FSPS Aberdeen was a Star-class EECII (Exploration and Evaluation Class Two), long-term mission ship, which  returned to monitor the progress of experiments set in motion a decade ago, and to investigate several instances of unfinished business. But *someone* didn't want the mission to go smoothly.  After a series of what could only be sabotage the crew had to abandon ship, sending the Aberdeen crashing into the Red Star.  Two shuttles of survivors made it to the planet and are now esconced safely at Alpha Base/Hold.

We need Thinkers! We want your ideas, your plots, your characters, and your stories.  To get in on the plotting, please check the FSP Forum!

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