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Madam Doodah sees all, knows all and tells all!

Know-it-alls as in the I heard and see all characters kill the buzz for everyone else. Don't do it. if you're consistently playing a character who is too perfect, too all knowing and too wonderful you'll find you're isolated. And the BoD might take steps. If after several instances where you're asked to edit a post because it's too all knowing, too psychic, you can (and probably will) be moderated. What's that mean? It means a BoDette has to approve your post before the rest of the board can see it. and if there are edits needed, a BoDette will assist in that instance. Why? Because we want this to be fun for EVERYONE, and it kills the fun when Character XYZ can tell that Character DEF had a really crappy day, lost his pet crawlie and has crabs after his weyrmate told him she's leaving him for the bluerider down the hall just by the way he's walking past.

I wrote post and tagged it for Madam Doodah, so why won't she write with me!?
Uh, did you give her a heads up first or did you just go in with both barrels blazing and throw together a blinding, brilliant post and sit back, knowing that they would flock to you and see the tag and wooo! let the fun commence. Sometimes it's best to give a heads up, or even ask before writing up a post that's meant for a specific person. Especially if/when that person might be busy person both IRL and on the boards. When in doubt, ask!

I saw this thread and it looks like lots of fun, Imma jump in now!
Hoooold your ponies. Is the thread tagged? Yes? Then *ask*. No? Oh, well dive on i.. wait. Take a moment to peek through the thread first. Is it floundering with no responses to the Original post? Yes? Then tiptoe your way on in there and have a blast. No? There's responses? Take a read through and make sure before you plunge into the deep end that there's not some already significant conversation/activity going on. Even though the post isn't specifically tagged, it's disconcerting when Doof and Deef are in mid flutter and Beep wanders in the middle of their tete a tete. This isn't to say you aren't to join in, just judge your time well and beware of the dreaded Thread Hijacking (To be discussed in another thread/blog).

I want to make some changes to my character history, can I just add to it?
NO. If you NEED to make a change to the character history and it's in any way significant and will impact others please tag a Bodette and let them know that you are interested in making some changes. Write them up and post it here so that the BoD is not blindsided by the sudden appearance of Bo, Luke and B'bob Duke.

Everything listed above has a relatively easy and quick fix. What is that? Well we can start by slowing down. Sometimes the threads go whipping along so fast that by the time we do try to put the brakes on it, the train has already left the station and went off the railroad tracks. ASK. if in any doubt. ASK. If we don't know we'll dig and find out (and yes, I do say that a lot, but I mean it, too!).

Originally written by Teri