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Along with the posting requirements that we're working on updating, we're also working on putting together some uniform posting formats. We pride ourselves on being a club composed of good writes, and as such, we take pride in the fact that our stories are easy to read and figure out. With that in mind, please check out the following:

1. Always write your posts in the past tense. Some clubs use present tense as if the action is happening as you type, but we use more of a story format. This makes it possible to do both stand-alone stories and round-robin stories, and makes stories less confusing to read once time has moved forward.

2. Use return spaces between paragraphs. We do not have the option of using tab in our forum, so putting a blank line between each paragraph will keep posts easy to read.

3. Use proper punctuation and formatting for human and dragon conversations. That means when people are speaking, put their words in quotations marks ("like this"). When dragons are talking, please use italics (like this). Italics is the "classic" way of having dragons speak, as Anne wrote them in her books. Other clubs use maaaany different ways of doing dragon speak, but since we have the option of italics, we'd like to use them. As firelizards don't really speak, per se, there is no specific way to mark out their thoughts. Just make sure we know that the firelizard is thinking, if that's the case.

4. Please do not scream in IC posts. This means avoid typing anything in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. If a character really is shouting, all capitals are acceptable, or bold if you prefer. But please limit these formats to actual speech by your characters, and only for yelling or shouting.

5. If you make OOC comments in an IC forum, please make sure to note that the comments are OOC so we don't get confused. Use "OOC:" or ((double parentheses)). Just so it's very clear where the story part of your post starts and stops. If a whole post ends up being OOC, consider posting it in an OOC forum rather than in the IC one.

6. Please include dates in your post titles. There are a few things to consider for dates: the current date is the same as the earth date for month and day. Please try to keep post dates fairly recent. Posts taking place a long time ago are welcome, but should be put in the History forum. Also, please check the calendar at the bottom of the main Forum page to see what's going on. Certain events may not be possible on certain days, because of threadfall, restdays, etc. It's really easy to check, and might save you a headache! When dating threads please keep in mind that Pern months have only 28 days. For Example:

  • If you are writing the thread on RL date May 30th do not put IC date 05.30... that date does not exist. Either make the IC'ly date 05.28 or 06.01
  • Please use the following format when dating a thread: TT.MM.DD (i.e. 35.05.28) TT is double digit TURN, MM is double digit MONTH, DD is double digit DAY. Use leading 0 if the number is 1-9 (i.e. 01.... 09)
  • Put the IC'ly date BEFORE the Title
  • Use a spacer of some sort between date and title (i.e. - or ~)

The above makes it much easier at the end of the RL year for admin & bod to archive threads appropriately.

7. Pleeeease check your grammar and spelling! Usually all this means is rereading your post before you click the POST button at the bottom. If you have difficulty with spelling, try using a wordprocessor spell-check before you submit (one may be available in the forum again soon). Reading your post aloud is also a great way to catch small errors. This is an important item, as clear grammar and good spelling are very important if you want people to actually read your stories.

If you have any questions please let us know!

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