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The "Member Page"

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If you haven't discovered it yet (or haven't visited it in a while ) the "Member Page" has all sorts of goodies on it.

Below is a mostly complete screenshot. The red numbers on the various 'parts' of the page correlate to the numbered explanations:

  1. Quick Links - As the title suggests a few links for easy access.
  2. Handy Dandy Searches - These are preconfigured searches for all sorts of things. Want to know which characters reside where? Need to check to see if a name is already being used? Or just wondering how many living firelizards are about and where they reside? You can find all that right here, just click the appropriate link.
  3. Twitter Feed/What's New - (also on the main 'home' page of website and in the main forum right hand sidebar) Just what it says it is .
  4. Who Is LOA (or has an upcoming one) - This info is pulled from the LOA calendar. So, if you're going on vacation or need a break or have exams, be sure to put your's in the calendar (there's a tutorial to tell you how).
  5. Pick-A-Plot - Need an idea for something to write about? Get a new suggestion on each page reload.
  6. Thread Incident Generator - Want to write more than turning & diving & shoving firestone into your dragon's maw for a written out threadfall? Get a new suggestion on each page reload.
  7. Currently 'Active' Users - This shows who all is signed into and 'active' on the forum (or has been within the last two hours).
  8. Donate - Help keep our site ad free buy donating
  9. Today's IC Date - Generated by the IC Date Calendar (this is set to 'board time' which is US Eastern Time Zone).
  10. Upcoming IC Dates - Also generated by the IC Date Calendar; also shows Restdays and 'Seasonal' items (i.e. Solstices, Equinoxes, First Day of *season*).
  11. Upcoming Turning Days - You guessed it, this shows Turning Days that are coming up for your favorite and not-so-favorite characters. Generated by the Turning Day Calendar. (The 'TD-' prefix is to avoid confusion in the 'upcoming events' blocks on the main forum page).
  12. Watchrider Schedule - Generated by the Watchrider Calendar. These are 'ranged' events (spanning 7 days) and is based on GMT Time Zone; so if you look at the actual calendar event the start and end dates may show differently depending on your timezone. This also displays in the sidebar on the main Forum page.
  13. Upcoming Threadfall - Pulls information from the Threadfall Calendar. The 'TF/' prefix is to avoid confusion on the Upcoming Events blocs on Forum Home, followed by the location and time Fall is expected to begin. Keep an eye on this for updates as well as a notation as to whether the Fall will be written out.

This 'page' is only viewable by Level 4 Pending Members and Active Members (and possibly by 'former/inactive' members)