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Dragon Sex aka A Little Tail Will Do Ya'

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Attention all you feisty young lovers! In light of candidate discussions on Weyr Morals, and the always abundant mating flights in progress, it is time for the annual Dawnsisters Sex Talk. Please enjoy this lovely reminder about how raging hormones at the Weyr might affect your characters.

By now, all of you know about Birds and Bees (or Dragons and Tunnelsnakes?), but the mechanics of sexuality are a little more complicated inside a Weyr than they are just about anywhere else. We're here to help you figure out how to handle living in the midst of all those randy dragons who have the habit of projecting their emotions.

Item 1: How much of an issue are mating flights?
Right now we have 15 PC greenriders listed in Sparky, and we must assume at least another 15 or so NPC's to round out the wings for fighting thread. If each green rises an average of 3 times per year, that is 90 mating flights during the year. That means a green dragon is rising, on average, every third or fourth day. Remember that we are a small Weyr. In bigger Weyrs, it is not uncommon to have mating flights two or three times in a single day. So the answer is: mating flights are a very regular part of Weyr life, whether they are played out or not.

Item 2: My Poor Frustrated Blue/Brown/Bronze.....
So, since mating flights are a very regular part of Weyr life, whether they are played out or not this also means that just because your stud of a blue/brown/bronze doesn't win an RP'd green or gold flight that he never gets any action! Please! You can safely assume and refer to your male dragon having won a flight/gotten some nookie for an NPC - just don't NAME either rider or dragon - or if a fellow writer of a green agrees (YES! You do need to actually ASK and receive permission - you know... that POSING thing ) you can refer to having won a specific PC dragon/rider... just be sure to ask that Rider/Dragon's WRITER

Item 3: How do all these flights affect involved characters?
Talking about green flights, if your character participates in the flight and his dragon wins, your character will feel compelled to get some nookie. Some characters may actually be able to resist this (depending on circumstances). If your character's dragon does NOT win the flight, the rider may still feel pretty horny, but the impulse to have sex is NOT irresistible. If a willing partner is handy, well and good, but if not, the rider will be perfectly capable of running off to find a cold shower or at least a private chamber to be alone. This is true even for gold flights. Ability to control personal responses will, of course, vary from person to person. Responsibility under such circumstances, however, is taught starting immediately in weyrlinghood, and is taken extremely seriously.

Item 4: How do all these flights affect non-involved people?
Green dragons broadcast their flight-lust on a VERY limited basis. Outside the directly involved parties, not many people will even notice a greenflight. (With two or three flights per day, this is the only way people could actually LIVE in Weyrs!) A very young, empathetic, inexperienced person (say, a freshly-searched holder girl who is a nubile and curious 16 yeras old) might be able to catch a small buzz off a green flight, but it would be about the same as reading a steamy passage in a book, or watching a sexy scene in an R-rated movie. Unless she's looking for an excuse, she should be able to control herself.

Gold flights can be a bit juicier. Gold and bronze dragons project a little more, but we're still talking a very mild affect on non-involved people. If you choose to tune it out, you can. If you're trying to use it as an aphrodisiac, that is also possible.

Item 5: Could a mating flight be responsible for unwanted sexual encounters?
Yes, this is possible, but please seriously consider the consequences if you decide to do a plot like this. Dragonriders are trained starting immediately after impression on the importance of self-control. Here are several possible circumstances to consider:

If a dragonrider is involved in a flight but his (her) dragon is not victorious, and in the lingering flight lust he takes an unwilling partner, there are serious consequences for the rider. This is considered rape, and flight lust is not an excuse.

If the rider of the female dragon does not want to be stuck with an uncertain pairing at the end of the flight, it is her (or his) responsibility to be in a secure location, either alone or with her chosen partner. If she is present with all the other participants in the flight, that is taken as her permission for the winner of the flight to hop in the sack with her at the end of things.

If a character not involved directly in a flight rapes someone and claims he (she) was overcome by flight lust, the defense will not hold up. Rape is a very serious offense, and may be even more serious at the Weyr than elsewhere, since sexual influences are so much a part of daily life.

If you have any questions, let us know either IC or OOC. Have a nice day!