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So You Write a Green

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There's a few things every greenrider-writer should know:

1. You do NOT have to post your flights. They happen, we all know they do, and you do not need to feel obligated to post them. You, the writer of the green, have ultimate control over when they rise. No, you can't have your green rise every month, but things do happen to change the cycle, so if you want to spread things out a bit, or have something happen IC to delay a mating flight so that it falls when there are fewer PC greenflights done, then by all means, make it so!

2. If lots of people are posting flights and you decide to post one anyway, be prepared for a lack of participation. There are only so many times that those of us with male dragons can write for a flight without getting really bored.

3. Now, if you've started a greenflight, and have participation, it's helpful if you can wrap it up within a week or so, especially if the winner is predetermined. It makes it easier for all the writers if we get to the end of it quickly. If you have more than one green, you might want to consider alternating the RP'd flights too.