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It's HOW Big????!

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Yes it is. And No, we aren't talking about Ar'yks 'dragon' or T'rel's feet, we're talking about 'the Weyr' otherwise known as THE Weyr; the whole kit-n-kaboodle...

To help members 'visualize' the size of areas of the weyr, open a separate window beside this one to the Weyr Ground/Beach Level Map.

Yes I know, the *scale* isn't noted on the maps, but comparing one 'room' to another based on the following 'scale' will help give you an idea.

The Hatching Grounds: 300 YARDS deep... yes THREE FOOTBALL FIELDS in length (front to back); it is 100 to 150 YARDS wide (side to side); it is TEN stories from ground to it's open top at the 'heights'... and these are no 10 foot 'stories'... each story/floor is *dragonheight* comfortable.... no 8 foot ceilings.

The Kitchens: Compare to the Hatching Grounds... it's the same width just not as 'deep'/long... somewhere between 100 to 150 YARDS (1 to 1-1/2 FOOTBALL FIELDS) 'deep' and it's wider than it is deep. So a good bit bigger than you're real life kitchen at home, bigger than the kitchen at your high school... think military size in a permanent location (not a mess tent type kitchen by any means, nor a campground firepit size tho they do sometimes roast herdbeasts in firepits on the beach for Hatchings, etc.)

The Weyr is a *big* place... and not just because dragons are big. Figure in that there are at *least* 5.5 humans (rider/support personel/etc) per dragon and 250 - 500 dragons at the Weyr (yes we are considered 'understrength' by those Northerners) and you've got 250 dragons PLUS 1375 people to 500 dragons PLUS 2,750 people. The kitchens not only supply meals IN the dining hall but also to riders in their weyrs/support folks in 'apartments', in the infirmary, as well as unprepared goods to those that prefer to prepare meals in their weyrs/apartments. There isn't a Safeway or Winn Dixie to rely on.... just 'The Kitchens'.

Meal preparations are a constant, ongoing thing very much like laundry detail. Bakers (usually women from the lower caverns) are up well before dawn to begin their day, shaping the loaves that rose in the cool caves (or refrigerators) overnight for a final rise then bake, making for a fragrant breakfast for those early riser; baking till just before the noon day meal to supply the weyr with the number of loaves necessary for the day.

Cooks show up when the bread is in the ovens to begin preparations for the first meal of the day. usually 2 hours before service time. Why so long? While DSW is 'modern' there's still a LOT of mouths to feed and most of the preparation is done by hand. And as soon as the morning meal is served preparation for lunch and dinner begin.

When feeding so many mouths there's a lot of soups, stews, casseroles and the huge pots of savory soups and stews simmer near the bread ovens.

Meals themselves are buffet/cafeteria style service with the food laid out on long tables with warming units. There might not be a lot of variety but the food is plentiful, nutritious (Tomlear sees to that) and filling. Fruits, fresh vegetables in season, bread, cheese and the main entre (fish, meat, soup, stew). Leftovers are dumped into the stock pot to concoct the next main meal. A constant, fragrant process. No one goes hungry here unless you TRY.

The Dining Hall: So, going by the scale set in the above descriptions, the Dining Hall is the same width as the Kitchens and the Hatching grounds (100- 150 YARDS) and approximately 200 YARDS deep (yup TWO FOOTBALL FIELDS).

(space reserved for more room comparisons)

Hope this helps.