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Thread Hijacking

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Thread Hijacking. What is this? Unfortunately it has become too common recently for someone to start out a thread and see it go careening off the roadside and what had been intended to be a fun, brief romp derails into a long and torturous trip to la-la-land. If you notice that the thread originators have jumped ship and that the thread has gone on for weeks (if not months) at a time, this thread may have been Hijacked.
How to fix it? ask yourself these questions:
  • Would my response make the thread deviate from the started purpose?
  • Can I accomplish the same thing more appropriately in another thread?
  • Will Tribbles eat me for making this discussion on toe-jam last for 10 pages?
  • Has the reason/purpose for the thread been fulfilled?
  • Has the thread gone on for more than 1 Real-World week?

If the answer is 'yes' to any of the above, take off the pirate hat and eyepatch and rethink the post. You're hijacking. If you want to pursue the idea, then feel free to begin your own post! Just please be considerate of others in posting and responding to posts.

Originally written by Teri