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I bet you can just HEAR Jean Luc Picard (or if you're old like me, Cap Kirk) intoning the date. It's important stuff. And it can be very confusing when it's forgotten (deadly indeed in the case of the Missed Anniversary), mixed up or simply forgotten.
For the ease of finding things, we try and use a pretty user friendly dating system at the the head of a post. It makes it easy to find, easy for us when we go later to archive things and face it, leaving out the date makes the BoD that Bytes go Bonky.
Pass (9) Turn (36 turn of this pass, so.. 36!) Month (02) and Day (anything from 01-28). Being as we've figured out a 13 month, 28 day year for our version of Pern, please bear in mind that there is no 31st day of Month 3. Nor is there a 29th.
But.. but.. what do we DO with the 29, 30th and sometimes 31st? Oh that's easy. Those are makeup days. Days to wrap up threads, business, etc. Think of them as housecleaning!
Do I gotta? Nope, there's no iron clad ruling that states thread must be wrapped up in a month, though it'd be nice to see posts that deal with a one day even take no more than say, oh, a week from start to finish. (there's another blog on that, somewhere in the works). But again, it's not policy, rule, law or even a strong suggestion. Just nice.
What about prefixes? They're there for ease of finding things. Just like the tags. Do you have to use them? Nope, but again, it's a nice thing to do, and especially with the tags, they can help you find posts easier using the search functions.
Help! I goofed on the date and I can't find out how to fix it! Drop a line (PM, YIM, AIM or a note on the post) to a friendly BoDette and it shall be done!
Originally written by Teri