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TAG! You're It! [Tags: Everyone]

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So we've seen them, some of us have used them and now they have spawned!
Tags, how to use them?
The "Post with MEEEEEE" tag. It usually looks something like this:
Title: Just An Old Fashioned Blog Post (Tag: You, Me and Big Brother)
Title: Alone again, naturally (Standalone or Tag Elmer)
These occur in the title block of a post. It lets anyone reading it know just what they need the most. When. What.... and *who*.
Right, so you've been Tagged by Goombah and pretty soon you hit a spot where you could really see B'bob popping in so you write the lead in and... and....
... what? no tag? Easy Peasy.... as you respond to a post you see a 'quick reply' and a 'go advanced'. Click Go Advanced and it will let you put in your own title. DO NOT CHANGE IT. just ADD the tag for B'bob.

yargh! that looks too complicated!
Again it's as easy as pie just ask one of the BoDettes to do so for you.
Darling D has written a most excellent post, and you want to respond but they either didn't put a tag OR put "Standalone"
do you

  1. Post anyway, they'll understand, besides it's an open forum!
  2. Sigh and move along
  3. PM Darling D and ask, presenting a brief notion of what you want to do and post with their blessing.

If you answered 3, help yourself to a bubbly and move to the head of the class. If you said 2, well, maybe next time? If you posted anyway you need to take a step back.
Remember, the mantra is.. when in doubt... ask... Ommmmmm....

Originally written by Teri