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The Dragon Civil Rights & Equal Rights Act of 2009/2010

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The Dragon Civil Rights & Equal Rights Act of 2009/2010
Does not exist.

Green dragons are Green dragons are Green Dragons and do not aspire to Gold. Blues see nothing wrong with being the 2 hour anchor babes of the wing. Dragons in Anne's own words are turned off by avarice, greed, political ambition. They do not understand the political machinations and maneuvering and do not aspire to be what they are not.

While a Rider might wish that he/she rode a 'better' dragon, or think that if they work hard enough at it that their dragon can be 'as good as' the others, the dragons themselves see nothing more than what they are and what role they fill within the Weyr. There is no discontent with who and what they are and the average dragon would be confused and possibly hurt on picking up what to them would appear to be discontent or dissatisfaction.

A lot of this can stem from modern perceptions and therein lies the problem. This is Pern. Not 2010 Earth. On Pern the dragons ranks, holder and weyr ranks are what they are and there is no bucking of a system that quite frankly works and was engineered to work.

So please, when you step in to play, leave your modern notions, ideas and sensibilities at the log-in screen and be prepared to step back into another world and another time. There are great examples of interesting characters within Pern Fandom and here on our boards that stay within those lines of what is canon and traditional.

Examples you say? Goldrider Leri in Moreta. She did her duty to Pern, Weyr and Dragon all the way to the bitter end. But she's not the ones they sing the ballads for. But it would have been Impossible for Moreta to accomplish her task without Leri.

Here in our own fandom: Greenrider Y'nell, who works well within the parameters of what his dragon can do and doesn't regret for a moment that his Ulmadeth isn't bigger or 'better'.

Bluerider C'gan of the first Dragonrider book who trained and waited for Thread all his long life, only to see it when he and his dragon died trying to help save the planet from Thread.

Sex Related Roles.

Yep, we have 'em, for people as well as for dragons. Face it, the Golds have the oviducts and the women have a uterus and that's the way it is. It doesn't make either one "less". But on Pern there are some pretty distinct gender based roles and while the FSP has some more modern notions, that hasn't spread to the crafts and halls to the extent that the girls need to be burning their breastbands just yet.

Please. Slow. Down.

Holder and Crafthall upbringing is pretty strict, nearly medieval in some notions and there are times that it doesn't quite make it to our posts. We're not saying that it's time to break out the chastity belts, lock up the babes and start the inquisition; but take a step back and look at how you're writing your character. Would she be comfortably numb at Woodstock? Then she better be FSP because that's not how things swing for the Holds and Crafthalls.

The girls should be semi modest at least, and while they don't all long to be wives and mothers and spawn 18 children before they turn 30, neither are they going to all settle comfortably into a life that is totally alien to them. Weyr versus Hold should be sort of freaky, kind of creepy but.. hey, like a good fungus it grows on you! A stellar example of this is Gria. (Take a bow and a cookie!)

If your character is holdbred, you grew up expecting to take up a craft, or help around the Hold, meet someone of the opposite gender, marry and make babies. Anything contrary to those plans is going to come as a surprise -- and not always a pleasant one!

If your character is female, please don't automatically assume you have to shatter the glass ceiling. Work within the lines, that's the way it was done.

If your character is male, please don't automatically assume you even know there IS a ceiling glass or otherwise. But please, hold off on the grunting, knuckledragging cavemen. That's taking it a bit too far.

What can be done? Well we can start by slowing down. Sometimes the threads go whipping along so fast that by the time we do try to put the brakes on it, the train has already left the station and went off the railroad tracks. ASK. if in any doubt. ASK. If we don't know we'll dig and find out.

If you need to be asked more than once by the BoD to tone the modern mindset down you might find that we are inclined to impose a modern moderation. what's that entail? It means your posts will be moderated until a BoDette can look them over to see that the 20th century notions aren't overwhelming Pern.

Originally written by Teri