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Power, sweet power...
.......or headaches and plot stress and mudslinging could all be yours, if you so choose!!

The Dawnsisters BOD is composed of the 'owner' and three 'owner-appointed' members. ;)

How Many BoDettes are there? There are currently four members, but that may change with the needs of the club. If and when another BoDette position needs to be filled that position will be an appointed position that is decided by the owner and the other BoD members.

What Does the BoD Do?
All policies are decided on by discussion or a majority vote. New personas pass through all members of the BoD, who have a chance to give suggestions or request changes. This is a required BoDly duty. If you're not interested in helping with personas, being a BoD member is probably not for you, but we're happy to find other ways for you to help out. Other BoD tasks are generally divided up on a volunteer basis, including website management, forum patrol, new member counseling, plot starting, plot continuing, list keeping, art creation, and on and on and on...

Non-BoD members are always oh-so-welcome to help out, contribute, and generally get involved in all aspects of helping to keep the club going. There are always projects that can be delegated, so if you're interested in helping, ask! If you're SO interested in helping that you think you might just as well be a member of the BoD yourself, here's your big chance!!')

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