General Rules

  1. Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated. Proof of plagiarism will cause you to be expelled from the club.
  2. You may NOT use another writer's characters without permission. Failure to ask permission will result in a warning. If you receive more than two warnings you will be asked to leave the club.
  3. The BOD has the final decision on approving all personas, club-wide plots, and policy decisions. Decisions by the BOD may be challenged by members, but the final decision still belongs to the BOD.
  4. Use your common sense! Be polite to other players! This is a game and we want it to be fun for everyone.
  5. Due to occasionally mature or graphic themes in our writing, this club does not accept members under the age of 15. We understand that maturity levels may vary with age and therefore reserve the right to deny membership to a person who proves incapable of handling storyline interaction appropriately.
What needs to be approved by the BOD:
  1. All new characters. Period. (See: Types of Personas)
  2. Personas that are exceptionally talented in a craft, have exceptionally strange family histories, or exceptional impression stories.
  3. Characters that can Hear All Dragons.
  4. Characters with metallic fire lizards.
  5. Any plot affecting the whole club, all of the Weyr, all of one Hold, or any large group of other characters. For plots involving only one or two other people which do NOT contain larger implications, you should contact the other characters' writer(s) directly.
  6. Plots that involve dragonriders timing it.
  7. Finding a clutch of fire lizard eggs or having a gold firelizard belong to one of your characters lay a clutch.
Suggestions on how to keep chaos to a minimum:
  1. You should only have as many characters as you can keep active. If you can write for 17 characters and keep them all busy, why not? The more people for the rest of us to play with.  But if you are struggling with three characters, the BOD may suggest you wait awhile before creating another.
  2. When creating characters or new plots, keep in mind that many other people have already created plots and characters that may have a bearing on what you want to do. If in doubt as to whether or not your character can be (for example) the son of a Lord Holder, ask! This will save you from having ideas turned down.
  3. Please report minor characters who are in residence at any Dawnsisters locations. We like to know who is where. Tell us as well if the characters are available for adoption or if you prefer to keep them for your own use.
  4. Please don't disappear without telling us! Whether you need a Leave of Absence or are quitting the club, let us know so we know how to handle your characters. More details about this are listed under Posting Requirements.
  5. For the sake of your health, don't make Lindsay mad. :D~
Ranking Personas:
  1. Ranking personas should be evenly distributed among members who have proved capable of writing for them. This means that until such a time as our club is large enough, a member may write for more than one ranking persona with BOD approval.
  2. As our club grows and new members join who are interested in ranking personas, members writing for more than one ranking persona may be asked to cede one place to the member with none. This will be done on a volunteer basis unless no volunteers are available, then it will be decided by a vote of the BOD.
  3. Members with ranking personas are expected to stay active and show a certain amount of leadership, especially in the context of starting and maintaining RPs.
  4. As the Weyr evolves ranking positions will be earned or lost by merit. Merit will be determined by frequency and quality of posts and other club activity.
Crafters (applicable to all characters who have been crafters or are cross training):
  1. Please use age appropriate ranks. There will be an occasional prodigy, but they are rare and must be approved. For age guidelines, refer to the following:
    • Apprentice - age 12-17
    • Journeyman- age 18 to +
      Some Journeymen never make master rank, a 18 year old Journeyman is extremely talented, average is 20-22. Journeymen older than 30 are considered to be Senior Journeymen and rank simple Journeymen, no matter the talent level.
    • Master age 30 +
      A master who walks the tables at age 30 is extremely talented. Most who make Master rank do it between age 35 and 50.
  1. All those who hold the rank of Journeyman or Apprentice must apply and have the approval of their Craftmaster to be considered a Candidate for Hatching.
  2. Because Threadfall on the Southern Continent is less frequent, cross crafting is allowed. Personas wishing to cross-craft must obtain approval from the Craftmasters involved.  Since Dragonriders spend most of their time in the care and maintenance of their dragon, training, and drilling, they are unable to advance quickly in cross-crafting.  The approximate adjustment scale follows:
    • Apprentice to Journeyman + 5 Turns
    • Journeyman to Master + 10 Turns
    • Dragonriders wanting to advance faster must apply to the BoD for approval.
  1. Gold dragons are not usually available upon demand. If you are interested in a gold dragon, let the BOD know. Gold dragons (and all other ranking personas) must be earned.
  2. Candidate ages are typically 12-19, queen candidates 15-20 (Queen Candidates need to be older in order to be mature enough to control their Queen's first mating flight)
  3. Dragons should be within the established size range for his/her color. See the Dragon Guide for details.

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