Anarchy and chaos  might sound fun, but every club has to keep a few rules in place to make sure everyone plays nice and to prevent as many possible arguments over who is Rightest.

Our club is organized with a core BOD, consisting of as many members as are needed at a given time. The BOD are around to make sure things are running smoothly and continuously. The club itself depends solely upon the members and their interest and activity.

We are mainly a Traditional Canon club, with a few adaptions that have been voted in by our members. In this section you'll find Anne McCaffrey's letter of approval to our club, notes on her original requirments for fandom, and our club's specific Canon. This is VERY important information if you want to join,since every club is a little different. If you have any questions, check the items on the menu to the left. If you're still lost or confused, please let us know.

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