Here you''ll find all the nitty-gritty about how Dawnsisters Weyr Fan Fiction Club came about and our not too tarnished past!

From our humble beginnings to our present glory, this club has risen from the (near) ashes to consistently be active for a decade and a half. While we aren't the biggest Pern writing club on the web, we have a healthy-sized membership that is dependably active, but not too daunting to keep up with. Our warm, open environment puts us very near the Heart of Pern fandom.

In the Beginning....
Wayback in November 1998 there was a yahoo club (what they were called at that time) called The Dragonriders Of Pern Fans. It was mainly a forum for discussing the series of books. But one day one of the group leaders, Arwyn, contacted two other members, Lindsay & Sheryl, with an idea she had for starting up a fanfic group. The premise for this fanfic, like Marion Zimmer Bradley's ''Darkover'' series, would be based on ''what if Pern was rediscovered by the organization that dispatched the original colonists?''.It would be an Alternate 9th Pass Timeline splitting off from ATWOP at the time of the moving of the Red Star. This would allow technology and conveniences otherwise not allowed in normal Pern Canon.  After a couple of months of planning, setting up webpages, setting up an email list at Listobot, correspondence with Anne McCaffrey, her publicist, editor and publisher (Del Rey); and after getting two or three others interested in participating, Dawnsisters Weyr was launched into official being on February 25, 1999.

The Interim Years To The Present
  • Listbot - Initially set up as a Listbot mailing list, Dawnsisters used this PBEM format for the first few months until eGroups took over Listbot.
  • eGroups - eGroups, essentially a mailing list like Listbot, didn't last long before being snatched up by Yahoo.
  • The Gather Hall (I) at Yahoo Groups - Still a PBEM format but with the ''option'' of being able to post via web at the ''group'' bb/forum. (single forum with no option of subs). The gremlins at Yahoo burnt this group to the ground within the first couple or three months (losing all the posts as well), and a ''new'' group with the same name was created in it's place.
  • The Gather Hall (II) at Yahoo Groups - From early 2000-January 2005 Dawnsisters exclusively used this yahoo group for PBEM type writing. Because of a ''misinterpretation'' of Anne McCaffrey's fan group ''rules'' the archiving feature was turned off for approximately 1.5 years during this time, thus losing all the posts made prior to and up until the feature was turned back on. Because of continual problems with Yahoo delaying, losing, and scrambling posts, Dawnsisters was moved to a private server/host and a phpbb2 forum.
  • - Our own domain name, a private host/server, and a phpbb2 turned our little PBEM into a true forum based Writing/FanFiction group.  After a year of shoddy service from the ''host'', we found a new one, JaguarPC, added a new domain name:, and began using vBulletin software for our forum.
  • - Due to the rising cost of server space/hosting and no longer needing a virtual private server due to diminished membership, the site was moved to the owners' personal server and set up as a sub-domain.  Yes, it's a shared server, not a dedicated one, but at this time those options aren't necessary.

Letters From Del Rey & Anne McCaffrey

From Del Rey
From Del Rey
Feb. 23, 1999
Thanks for inviting us to see your site -- it looks great! I forewarded your request on to Anne's editior for permission, but I don't see any problem! Actually, you don't even need formal permission to set up the weyr.... I noticed that you don't have a link to del rey books ( in your links section -- any chance you could place one to your pern pages?

Del Rey Rep

From Anne McCaffrey
February 25, 1999
Dear Arwyn,

You may start an e-mail Pern Fan Fiction club but with a number of provisions. The following is a standard reply I send to people asking for such permission. I note that you already have a website, so my standard reply for "off-line" clubs isn't quite the response you're looking for. But read on and if any of the following is unclear please contact me for clarification.

Off-line weyrs or fan clubs are perfectly permissible provided that you and your members follow the tenets of Pern©. For example, the dragon colors must be only those that are found on Pern; there can be no other sport like Ruth; do not use any of my major characters, although referring to them is fine; neither Ruatha nor Benden may be used as principle sites.

Any printed Fanzines you may produce should show my copyright notice in a prominent place, say, at the top of the first page. The 'zines cannot be published on the Internet on publically accessable sites. Distributing a limited number of copies of the 'zine to a special group via regular -snail- mail is the norm. That way, a group does not infringe PUBLICLY on my copyright since the material goes to A LIMITED membership that can be controlled.  I know that copyright infringement is difficult to understand but I have worked out ways whereby the dedicated Pern fan can enjoy fiddling with my work without breaking any laws. (I do not read them, by the way, as my publishers prefer that I don't inadvertently have an idea that someone else thought of first.) You and your members may write in any time line but please don't put your work online.

The copyright notice should read EXACTLY as follows: 

The World of Pern© is copyrighted to Anne McCaffrey 1967.
"The Dragonriders of Pern®" is a registered trademark. 

The following is an addendum, which need not be put up as part of the copyright notice; it's purely "for your information."

Note: Ruatha Hold TM and Benden Weyr TM and all other site locations of The World of Pern© have now assumed trademark status.

Enjoy your writing but, again, please don't put it online.

Ciao now

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