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In our forums, you will find our stories, histories, and future plans, all sorted out neatly and then abandoned to writer whim. In the role play section, approved characters may join in plots and plans, post stories or start round robins. In the OOC sections, you may post whatever you like, with certain limitations for the consideration of others.
    1. This board is open to the public, so please make sure your post content is appropriate for all eyes. That means no explicit sex or violence in the open forums.

    2. That being said, there will still be occasional mature or graphic themes in our writing. For that reason, this club does not accept members under the age of 15. Anyone found to have falsified their age will be removed from the club.

    3. Plagiarism of any type will NOT be tolerated. Whether you are copying outside posts to our boards or copying posts from our boards to other places, give credit where credit is due! Anyone caught plagiarizing will be immediately removed from the forum and the club.

    4. Play nice with others. That means respect other people's points of view in matters both Pern related and otherwise. Flaming will not be tolerated. Take your arguments to someplace more private.

    5. By posting on these boards you are agreeing to play by our rules. The BOD reserves the right to make judgments on what is and is not appropriate conduct. We promise to be nice to you if you're nice to everyone else.

    6. That said, enjoy yourselves! We're here to have fun, so dive in! The water is warm.
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