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Included Books:
We incorporate into our timeline all the books through All theWeyrs of Pern. This means that AIVAS was found, the Red Star was shifted, and Thread will only fall until the end of this Pass. It also means that the characters from Anne McCaffrey's Pern are still alive, which means we need to be careful with our interaction with other Weyrs.

The books The Dolphins of Pern, The Skies of Pern, The Masterharper of Pern, and Dragon Kin are not in our Canon. Telekinesis is therefore not present on our Pern, and the events of those books did not happen, as our club's history has modified Pern starting immediately after the events of ATWOP. Some of the ideas from The Dolphins of Pern are in use. We do have a Dolphin Hall.

Modifications to Anne's Guidelines:
Despite the fact that Anne McCaffrey recently opened her regulations so that "anything goes," we have chosen to remain within the frame of traditional Pern Canon. Certain exceptions that are generally accepted throughout fandom are also in practice. These include:

Dragonriders, Dragon Colors, and Sexuality: Women may ride any color except bronze. Female brownriders are very exceptional, however, and will be considered ranking positions. Men may ride any color except gold. Dragon color is not necessarily linked to human sexuality, but the riders will be forced to deal with the results of mating flights.

Women on Dragons: Because at the time of ATWOP, only Mirrim and maybe one or two unnamed women were riding dragons, be cautious making the mother of your new character a greenrider. Female greenriders are quite plentiful at Dawnsisters Weyr, but that is not the case in other parts of Pern. Dawnsisters is, afterall, kind of an "odd" Weyr. And while women on greens is becoming slowly more accepted elsewhere, it still isn't common. Women on blues and browns is really quite scandalous.

The FSP:
The presence of the FSP is obviously a departure from traditional canon. This is the defining aspect of our club, and has been approved by Anne from the beginning. More details on how the Pernese and FSP interact can be found on the FSP pages.
Additional items: 

Characters: Fan Fiction Clubs may not use any of Anne McCaffrey's characters, including humans, dragons, or AIVAS.  Offstage mention is permitted, for example, you may write the following sentence: "I saw Jaxom at the Ruatha Gather and he told me X, Y and Z," but you may not write " Lord Jaxom! Hello, and how is your family?" You may not recant a conversation word for word.

Dragons: Dragon names must end with -th. No new dragon colors.

Greens may not lay eggs, nor a greenrider be raised to the rank of Weyrwoman.

Dragons do not go rogue and attack humans. Nor do they survive after their rider's death unless it is a gold with a clutch on the Hatching Grounds.

Dragons cannot travel great distances through space.

Aliens etc: The crew of the Aberdeen may comprise of certain alien life-forms. Since the Aberdeen is a RP environment in its own right, this is acceptable. However, only beings that can pass unquestioned as humans are permitted on Pern's surface. A non-human will not impress a dragon.

Please also see the Membership Rules section for rules on how to participate.

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